Nicole Nafziger: Hiding That Azan is Married With Kids?!

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A lot of people have voiced their disapproval over Nicole Nafziger quarantining with Azan in Morocco during this pandemic.

It's been years since she saw her fiance, but what was supposed to be a two-week vacation has turned into a one-and-a-half-month extended stay.

But a growing number of 90 Day Fiance fans think that Nicole is hiding something huge about Azan and her visit in Morocco.

We know what Nicole's mom thinks about the whole thing. And Nicole has been blasted by David Toborowsky for her choices.

But now, fans think that she is not staying with Azan ... because he has a secret wife and secret children.

Azan having a secret family would not be a 90 Day Fiance first ... but if Nicole knows this and is lying to fans about it, that would be new.

1. Nicole is in Morocco

Nicole is in Morocco
As in, she is STILL believed to be in Morocco, despite a lack of recent updates on her social media.

2. She left her job behind

She left her job behind
After saving up for the trip, Nicole bid farewell to her Starbucks job -- at least temporarily -- to head out to Morocco during the second week of March.

3. May is not with her

May is not with her
Nicole wisely left May with her mother, Robbalee, who is of course delighted to spend time with her granddaughter -- even though she has now kept her for many weeks beyond the expected time period.

4. Nicole has been having fun

Nicole has been having fun
She has enjoyed the sights, Moroccan tea, tajine (a stew featuring meat, veggies, and fruit), and of course, the company of the man she loves.

5. But only up to a point

But only up to a point
Their days of dining out are over for now, just as with the rest of us, as you'd have to be a lunatic to go out to dinner during this stage of a global pandemic, even if the restaurants were allowed to seat customers.

6. So what now?

So what now?
Morocco shut down all regular flights and restaurants halfway into Nicole's visit. Nicole could have traveled home -- either taking an emergency flight that the UK arranged for any stranded Brits or Americans (they welcomed Americans to join the flights because, at the time, the American executive branch had yet to take any action to help get Americans home), or taken an emergency flight.

7. Instead ...

Instead ...
It has been widely believed that Nicole was sheltering in place with Azan, making the best of a bad situation and taking advantage of their extra time together.

8. But now?

But now?
Now, a new report has stirred up some truly salacious rumors about Azan's real relationship -- something that Nicole has allegedly known about for years.

9. Last month ...

Last month ...
... SoapDirt reported that an insider had told them that Azan has been married to a cousin of his since he was 19 years old.

10. What about Nicole?

What about Nicole?
The claim also said that Nicole had known about this marriage for the entire time.

11. Is Nicole staying with them?

Is Nicole staying with them?
On the contrary, the report said that Nicole isn't crashing with Azan, but has been staying at an AirBnB short-term rental this whole time.

12. Remember the $6,000?

Remember the $6,000?
Nicole at one point claimed that she had invested $6,000 in a "store" that Azan was going to open in Morocco. There were never any plans for a store, as Nicole would later confess.

13. According to rumor ...

According to rumor ...
The report claims that Nicole really sent the $6,000 to Azan ... but that it was a bribe for his alleged wife to agree to a divorce. Oh, boy.

14. Could any of this be true?

Could any of this be true?
We are all wary of people claiming to be "inside sources" when they don't actually know anything, but we did some digging to see if we could dismiss these claims as false.

15. Could Nicole afford it?

Could Nicole afford it?
Staying for a month and a half or longer in an AirBnB sounds pricey, especially on a Starbucks salary, but we looked into rent prices in Morocco.

16. And?

You can get a nice, fully furnished apartment for one for about $350 a month in a "normal" residential area in Morocco. Prices may be even lower because of the pandemic.

17. What about the marriage claim?

What about the marriage claim?
Alleging a secret marriage is one thing. Claiming that Azan married and had kids with his own cousin is another.

18. So we looked into that, too

So we looked into that, too
Google's algorithm probably thinks that we want to rent a room and marry a blood relative in Morocco right now, but we looked it up ... and something like 20% of marriages in Morocco are between (non-immediate) blood relatives. About 15% of those are between first cousins, which is not especially uncommon in North African cultures.

19. Statistically ...

Statistically ...
If about one in every thirty or so marriages in the area are between first cousins, it's not a stretch to think that Azan could be in that situation.

20. So we cannot rule this out

So we cannot rule this out
But we have not seen anything definitive to support the rumors.

21. Nicole says that it's bogus

Nicole says that it's bogus
In fact, during one of her (relatively) recent interviews, she claimed that she and Azan are "stronger than ever."

22. What about her family?

What about her family?
Her mom, Robbalee, recently told fans that this was a rumor that she had not even heard -- which is saying a lot, given how many fans have contacted her about Nicole's relationship.

23. Nicole has faced a lot of judgment

Nicole has faced a lot of judgment
90 Day Fiance fan-favorite David Toborowsky recently laid into Nicole over parting with her daughter and flying out on this trip despite the global pandemic.

24. Let's be clear

Let's be clear
Nicole loves her daughter. WHATEVER we think of her ongoing relationship with Azan, she is a loving mother.

25. David says that it's "not true love"

David says that it's "not true love"
Like a number of fans, David expressed the opinion that Nicole can and should look for true love, that if she and Azan were going to be in a healthy relationship there would be less waiting and fewer money transfers.

26. But what about Nicole?

But what about Nicole?
Is Nicole really hiding Azan's secret life from fans? We have our doubts.

27. Could she keep it a secret?

Could she keep it a secret?
Nicole has a lot of amazing qualities, but she didn't come up with very convincing lies about Azan's mythical store. If she had, perhaps a few prying questions from producers would not have pried the truth from her lips. This would be a huge thing for her to be hiding for years.

28. And wouldn't there be evidence?

And wouldn't there be evidence?
When we see a convincing photograph of Azan with a wife and kids, we'll pay more attention to this claim. People in Morocco have camera phones just like everywhere else. Someone could snap a pic of him and his family and sell it to some Instagram blogger for a hundred bucks ... unless there is nothing to photograph.

29. We don't know what's going on with them

We don't know what's going on with them
Maybe Azan has a secret marriage. If he's unhappy in it and wants to be with Nicole instead, that is fine. But that doesn't mean that it's the case. Whatever is going on, Nicole's fans would probably appreciate some more transparency -- and it would certainly help quash rumors like this one!

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