Lauren Comeau: Scamming Teen Mom Nation with Shady Pyramid Scheme?!

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Real talk: How much do you actually know about Lauren Comeau, Javi Marroquin's fiancée and the mother of his youngest child?

Probably not too much, right?

You might know that she was involved in a love ... well, not a triangle, because there were four people involved, so a love square maybe?

How does that work? Anyway ...

Lauren was one of three women that Javi was juggling at once a couple of years ago, so you probably remember something about that.

And there's a good chance you remember that time that he cheated on her with some girl in their home while she was sleeping.

But what you might not know too much about is how she does her part in supporting the family. So let's talk about it ...

... because it's pretty sketchy.

1. The Happy Family

The Happy Family
Javi has a lot going on, right? He has his gym, he's in the Air Force Reserves, and of course he makes appearances on Teen Mom 2. But he's also been helping Lauren a bit with her job.

2. Hmmm

Lauren's job is selling Arbonne products. In case you're unfamilar, Arbonne offers makeup, skincare, hair products, nutritional supplements, that kind of thing.

3. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
But according to many people, Arbonne is also kind of a pyramid scheme.

4. How It Works

How It Works
Here's how it works: someone sells Arbonne products, and their goal is, of course, to sell as much stuff as possible, but also to recruit people to be on their team because when they recruit people, they get a bit of profit from their sales.

5. Interesting

If you recruit enough people, then you make a lot of money, and if they recruit people, then you get some money from those sales, too. If you visualize this, it looks sort of like a pyramid, right?

6. Boss Babe

Boss Babe
And with someone like Lauren, who presently has 381,000 Instagram followers, involved in an operation like this, it's easy to see how she'd be able to make a considerable profit from this kind of thing, right?

7. Really Though

Really Though
(And she definitely has, but more on that in a bit.)

8. The Problem

The Problem
The issue (or one of the issues, there are a lot of them) with a company like Arbonne is that it promotes the idea that if you sell their products, you can be your own boss and run a successful business, but that's usually only the case for someone like Lauren, who has a large following.

9. Facts

In most cases, someone desperate for income or for a business of their own buys into that idea and spends a lot of money to get started selling the products and then contacts everyone they've ever known trying to sell those products, and it just doesn't work.

10. Sad

So many people end up losing money this way -- you have to pay for everything you need to become a salesperson out of pocket, and you need to sell at least $150 worth of products a month to even earn a commission.

11. Yikes

And then those people who fail to make money are typically told that if they would put more work in, they would see the results, or to get credit cards to buy more products, or to convince more people to sell under them. It's wild.

12. Heartbreaking

There are tons and tons of stories from people who fell for the "be your own boss" line and ended up in debt and in broken relationships because they tried roping everyone they knew into selling stuff, too.

13. What a Relief

What a Relief
But thanks to Javi and his Teen Mom fame, Lauren seems to be doing just fine. She was even recently named national vice president of the whole company (though that's just a salesperson rank, it's not like she's a real vice president).

14. Hooray?

Javi shared this photo on Instagram congratulating her and her "entire team," writing "you did it... your long hours, constant support to your team, passion and drive paid off. I’m super proud of you!"

15. Riiiiiiiight

"To those that are thinking about @arbonne you only see me talking about the health and fitness products cause that’s what I use everyday and it’s really all I understand and know," he continued, "but they have make up, skin care, baby products... the list goes on. I back the products cause I use them 100%."

16. Remarkable

It sounds just like those Facebook messages you get from girls who were mean to you in high school, doesn't it? Javi nearly has two million followers on Instagram right now, no wonder Lauren is doing so well with him helping her like this.

17. Of Course

Of Course
Javi has limited comments on his Instagram posts right now so there are only a few positive comments -- he and Lauren have been known to block people who have anything critical to say about Arbonne, too.

18. Oh OK

Lauren has also spoken out about the criticism in the past -- according to her, Arbonne isn't a pyramid scheme because the business model is actually in the shape of a rectangle.

19. The Defense

The Defense
In an old Instagram comment, she tried to explain that "Pyramid schemes are illegal," and that "I don't make money signing anyone up to be a consultant."

20. Sure

"I just make a commission and overrides off of products that I sell and my team sells and purchases for themselves," she continued.

21. Totally

"That's what every single company and business does that generates any kind of revenue ... they take money from product sold."

22. Oh Honey

Oh Honey
She said that Arbonne is part of the Direct Selling Association, "which means that we have to follow certain ethics and standards to be legal," and that since Arbonne has existed for 40 years when many "network marketing companies" don't make it nearly that long, they're totally legit.

23. Ugh

"Not to mention," she added, "I can surpass anyone and anyone can surpass me so it's not a pyramid... it's a rectangle. Anyone can make it to the top of this company with hard work."

24. Wow

Hear that? ANYONE can make it to the top of that rectangle, and Arbonne is just like any other company -- don't all salespeople have to purchase the things they sell themselves? Doesn't every employee have to pay a fee to work?

25. No Hope

No Hope
We would say that we hope Lauren figures out how harmful companies like Arbonne can be for so many people, but like we keep saying, she's one of the very few people who can actually experience some success with things like this ... so unfortunately, that probably won't happen.

26. We Can Dream

We Can Dream
But hey, it sure would be nice if she could get even the tiniest bit of self-awareness about it, wouldn't it?

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