Molly Roloff Wedding Photos: Here Comes the Bride! And Her Beloved Family!

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It's official and it's beautiful: 

Molly Roloff is a married woman.

On August 5, 2017, the former Little People, Big Word star married Joel Silvius at her family's farm in Oregon.

We weren't invited to the ceremony or reception, but nearly all the Roloffs shared photos from the special event on social media shortly after vows were exchanged and toasts were made. 

Click through the pictures below for a look at how everyone looked on the big day...

1. The Wedding Site

The Wedding Site
What a gorgeous setting for a wedding, right? This is what guests were treated to at Molly Roloff's wedding.

2. Cute Wedding Dates

Cute Wedding Dates
Jacob and girlfriend Isabel happily attended the wedding of Molly Roloff and Joel Silvius, as you can see here.

3. The Bride and the Dad

The Bride and the Dad
How precious, right?!? Molly Roloff is featured on her big day in this wedding photo with her dad.

4. Enjoying the Big Day

Enjoying the Big Day
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff made an important stop prior to welcoming their first child into the world: Molly's wedding!

5. Beautiful Roloffs

Beautiful Roloffs
Hey there, Roloff ladies! Molly is joined on her wedding day here by Tori and Audrey Roloff.

6. Molly Roloff Wedding Image

Molly Roloff Wedding Image
It's Molly! And Joel! It's the bride and the groom on their special day!!!!!

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