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It’s been a big year so far for the stars of Little People, Big World!

Back in May, Zach and Tori welcomed their first child, the painfully adorable Jackson, and Audrey and Jeremy are expecting their first child in less than a month.

Molly Roloff Photo
Photo via Instagram

The family is obviously very busy this summer, but now one big event is over and done …

That event, of course, being Molly Roloff’s wedding to Joel Silvius!

The adorable couple got married yesterday on the Roloff family farm in Oregon — specifically, they got married at Molly’s favorite spot on the farm.

And since they were already on the farm, you know some of the family’s goats were in attendance!

The wedding is being described as "intimate," with only family and close friends there to celebrate.

In a statement to People, the brand new husband and wife said "We feel blessed to have been able to celebrate our marriage surrounded by so many people we love."

Amy and Molly Roloff
Photo via Instagram

We don’t know many more details about the wedding — after all, Molly is probably the most private member of the Roloff clan.

If she rarely appears on the show, it makes sense that she wouldn’t publicize every single detail of such a big event.

But we do know that the couple had their first dance to a Ray LaMontagne song, "You Are the Best Thing."

And that Molly’s mother, Amy, was very, very excited for her only daughter’s big day!

"She got married!" she wrote in an Instagram post. "A beautiful wedding, most gorgeous bride and tears laughing smiles and a lot of love."

"Couldn’t be happier for Joel and Molly (my baby girl)."

But it was Matt Roloff’s lengthy Facebook post about the occasion that will really get the tears flowing …

Matt and Molly Roloff
Photo via Facebook

"Well … we gave away our amazing Molly Jo," he wrote. "The most gorgeous bride ever! To her New husband Joel today."

"Molly is the apple of her mother and MY eyes … Amy and I are gushing with pride of her character, faith, heart for God, wisdom and judgment… especially her choice in picking her life mate."

Matt explained that "Molly lives her life straight ahead (we daddy daughtered danced that song from Amy Grant tonight)."

"Her guests strolled through a stunning wildflower patch that had been rolled down a path in the minutes before the ceremony so the guests could make the walk as if they were floating on a rainbow of colors as they walked to the ceremony area …"

"Set deep in a grove under several 100 yr old oak trees that Molly played on as a little girl."

And if that wasn’t lovely enough, he added that "The guests sat on custom made rustic benches specifically designed and build on Roloff farm to match the intimate setting."

Molly Roloff Wedding Pic
Photo via Instagram

He also said that "Molly and I were able to spend 20 minutes of quality time visiting and sharing our love as father and daughter as we pulled up to the ceremony in one of our special Roloff farm all terrain rigs."

"I then escorted my dear Molly down a rustic wood chip path to hand her off to Joel. Waiting patiently to take her hand in marriage."

Then, "After several biblical scriptures were read they exchanged private vows and commitments to each other. They kissed and we all erupted in celebration and joy."

"It was an amazing wedding day that went off without a single hitch," Matt concluded.

"It was a magical fairy-tale wedding for 2 incredible people that we all love very much."

Sounds absolutely magical, doesn’t it?

Congrats, Molly and Joel!