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Jazz Jennings has many claims to fame, but she’s a transgender teenage girl who’s famous around the world.

She’s been recognized with multiple awards from various LGBT rights organizations, not only for her work as an advocate but for her role as a role model and vocal LGBT presence.

In addition to having her own reality series and YouTube channel, Jazz has a solid social media presence.

Not so long ago, it was over social media that more people became aware of Jazz Jennings, after Duggar son-in-law Derick Dillard said some very unkind things about Jazz on Twitter.

This earned Derick Dillard the ire of plenty of people, including his own fans.

But a lot of people are only newly aware of Jazz Jennings, so we put together a list of some basic information that you might want to know about Jazz.

No, we did not include her full list of honors and recognitions — she’s a teenager, but that would basically double the length of this list.

Because, seriously, she’s awesome.