Mike Sorrentino Posts Honeymoon Pics Ahead of Prison Sentence

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These are complex times in the life of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

The good news is, Sorrentino just got married to his college sweetheart, Lauren Pesce.

The bad news is, The Situation will soon be headed to prison to serve an 8-month sentence for tax fraud.

Fortunately, Mike and Lauren are currently living it up while they can -- and possibly getting down to the business of making some baby Situations.

Take a look:

1. The Honeymoon Situation

The Honeymoon Situation
We've got a honeymoon situation over here! Mike Sorrentino and Lauren Pesce are currently celebrating their marriage prior to the start of his prison sentence.

2. Poolside Pesce

Lauren seems to be enjoying her alone time with Mike. She's been documenting the trip for her 450,000 (!!!) Instagram followers and tagging her posts #thesituations.

3. Marital Mountains

Marital Mountains
Mike and Lauren headed to the Santa Catalina mountains in California for a honeymoon that doubles as a pre-holiday going away party.

4. Tricky Situation

Tricky Situation
Earlier this year, Mike pleaded guilty to lying in order to avoid paying taxes on roughly $9 million in earnings.

5. Tough Times Ahead

Tough Times Ahead
On January 15, Mike will turn himself over to the authorities and begin serving an 8-month sentence.

6. Bad Timing

Bad Timing
The sentence comes just as Jersey Shore is once again in the midst of a solid run as one of cable's most-watched reality shows.

7. Mixed Bag

Mixed Bag
That's a good and bad thing, as the show's renewed popularity means that Mike has been able to earn some serious paychecks prior to his imprisonment.

8. Missed Paydays

Missed Paydays
Unfortunately, his sentence means he'll probably miss out on several months of filming for Shore.

9. Endless Summer

Endless Summer
Currently, the plan seems to be for the show to continue filming nonstop until it ceases to be profitable.

10. If It Aint' Broke

If It Aint' Broke
That may sound absurd, but it's the same agenda that made the guido gang rich the first time around.

11. Jersey Mike

Jersey Mike
Of course, no one could use the extra cash more than Mike, who's newly married, planning to start a family, and on the hook for several million in restitution.

12. Enter Laurens

Enter Laurens
Lauren (or as Mike calls her, "Laurens") has appeared on the show several times, but it seems unlikely that she'll continue to make cameos when Mike's not around.

13. Situational Improvement

Situational Improvement
During the show's original run, Mike was the Shore house's resident villain.

14. The Right Path

The Right Path
These days, Mike is receiving a much more favorable response from fans, and that seems to be entirely due to two things -- his newfound sobriety, and his relationship with Lauren.

15. On and Off

On and Off
“We went out together for about four years, and then once Jersey Shore started we decided to take a break throughout seasons 1 through 6,” Mike recently told People magazine about his past with Pesce.

16. Making the Commitment

Making the Commitment
“Once [the show] was over, we eventually reconnected and have been together ever since, for over four years now," Sorrentino adds.

17. Romantic Sitch

Romantic Sitch
“She’s my best friend, my better half,” he added.

18. Happy Sitch

Happy Sitch
“She makes me a better person. I’m so excited that she’s in my life," Mike continued.

19. Hazy Future

Hazy Future
It's unclear if Mike will do any more filming between now and the time when he begins his sentence.

20. Making the Best Of It

Making the Best Of It
Mike has been steering clear of the press since his sentencing, but his reps say he's optimistic about the future.

21. Big Milestone

Big Milestone
“[Sorrentino] is grateful to continue work, celebrate the holidays and his three years sober milestone,” they say.

22. Onward and Upward

Onward and Upward
“He looks forward to completing his sentence and coming home to Lauren, family and friends,” Sitch's reps conclude.

23. Mazel Tov!

Mazel Tov!
We wish Mike and Lauren all the best going forward, and we look forward to a future full of botched inspirational slogans and many baby Situations.

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