Michelle Duggar Slammed By Fans: What Does She Do All Day?!

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It may seem absurd to question how a mother of 19 keeps herself busy all day, but many fans of the Duggar family are doing exactly that.

Especially with much of her brood leaving the nest, matriarch Michelle Duggar doesn't appear to have a whole to keep her occupied.

If you watch Counting On online, you know that Michelle seems to spend the bulk of her time teasing her hair and speaking very softly.

You know, so as not rile up the menfolk.

But there must be more to her day, right? In Touch Weekly and various Duggar critics have been asking that very question a lot lately.

Here's a rundown of the bizarre conclusions they've drawn based on what we know about Jim Bob's doting servant:

1. Michelle, Jim Bob's Belle

Michelle, Jim Bob's Belle
Michelle and Jim Bob met and married in 1984. Even then, Duggar couples didn't waste any time when it came to the business of getting hitched.

2. Mother Duggar

Mother Duggar
These days, it's impossible to picture Michelle without an army of children. But believe it or not, she and Jim Bob held off on having kids when they first got hitched.

3. Michelle on Birth Control: Not a Fan

Michelle on Birth Control: Not a Fan
In fact, Michelle was on birth control in the early days of her marriage. Obviously, she didn't stay with it for very long, and these days, she's staunchly opposed to all forms of contraception.

4. Filling Up the Quiver

Filling Up the Quiver
These days, the Duggars are adherents of the Quiverfull movement, which holds that it's the duty of Christian women to have as many children as humanly possible.

5. Don't Stop the Breedin'

Don't Stop the Breedin'
Michelle's baby-making days spanned an astonishing three decades. We would say that's impressive, but the first of those kids was Josh, so...

6. The Buddy System

The Buddy System
So how does Michelle handle the responsibility of raising 19 kids? Well, the older kids are each assigned a younger kid to look after in what the Duggars call "the buddy system."

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