Meghan Markle Just Announced She's Having a Boy ... Right??

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are having a baby.

You probably already knew this.

But the public does NOT yet know whether the Royals are expecting a boy or a girl.

This information was not included in the official statement by Kensington Palace that confirmed the major news.

However, a handful of astute (and/or possibly misguided) Internet users think they have cracked the gender code. They think Markle revealed the sex of her impending child via the color of the dress she wore for a state dinner in Fiji.

No, really. They think this.

Scroll down to see the gown in question, along with these excited responses to it...

1. Wearing Blue

Wearing Blue
Meghan Markle is in Fiji for this photo, showing off her baby bump in a lovely blue gown that has some folks wondering if she's having a boy.


Internet users really are convinced that Markle is wearing this color dress as a way to tell the world the gender of her impending child.

3. Boom! It's a Boy!

Boom! It's a Boy!
Why else would Markle wear blue, right?!?

4. She's Carrying a Boy!

She's Carrying a Boy!
That's it. Twitter is convinced.

5. Yes. We All Know This...

Yes. We All Know This...
... but we're here to blindly guess the gender, okay?!?

6. Here's the Thing, Though:

Here's the Thing, Though:
Markle and her famous husband were attendinga reception and State Dinner hosted by Jioji Konrote, the President of Fiji. This marked the latest stop on the couple's tour of the Commonwealth -- and it would have been a very odd time to announce a gender in such passive fashion.

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