Mackenzie Standifer: Ryan Edwards Doesn't Need Drug Testing! Maci Bookout is the Abusive Drunk Parent!!

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In recent weeks, Teen Mom OG's Ryan Edwards has gained a reputation as the worst dad in the MTV franchise.

But now, his wife Mackenzie Standifer is telling the world that he's a better father than he appears to be on TV.

During an Instagram Q&A session earlier this week, Mackenzie raised eyebrows while defended Ryan's parenting ...

... and attacking Maci Bookout's approach to raising her son.

Oh yes. She went there and then some. Topics of conversation included Maci pressuring Bentley to lose weight for wrestling, as well as Bookout's newly-expired restraining order against Edwards.

Mackenzie usually doesn't hold back in interviews, but this time, she really let Maci have it with both barrels.

And the result may be an ugly feud between Ryan's ex and his current wife. Even uglier than usual, that is.

Take a look:

1. Mack Defends Her Man

Mack Defends Her Man
Mackenzie Standifer is sick of all the criticism that Teen Mom OG fans direct at her husband -- and now, she's speaking out in Ryan Edwards' defense.

2. Mack Stands Up

Mack Stands Up
In a new interview with Katie Joy of the Without a Crystal Ball vlog, Mack addresses a wide array of topics, including Maci's parenting techniques and the recent controversy surrounding Edwards' alleged drug use.

3. Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing
The interview took place in the aftermath of a Teen Mom OG scene that sparked an intense debate among fans.

4. Dueling Parents

On Tuesday's episode, Maci encouraged her son to lose weight so that he could wrestle in a less-competitive weight class. Ryan took issue with this practice.

5. Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade
Asked what made her the "most upset" about the episode, Mackenzie replied, "I just never want any of our kids to ever feel like they need to go to those lengths to be successful."

6. Shots Fired

Shots Fired
If you think it sounds like Mackenzie is throwing some shade at Maci's parenting, you're absolutely right. And that comment was just the beginning.

7. Not Holding Back

Over the course of the interview, Mackenzie addresses everything from Maci's drinking habits to her tendency to "push" son Bentley "to the limit." Yes, folks, this is the kind of interview that might lead to an irreparable rift between these two.

8. Pushed Too Far

Pushed Too Far
In reference to Bentley's intense regimen, Mack opined, "You train, you do your practices, you win some, you lose some. And ultimately, you want to win, but you don’t have to go that far."

9. An Ominous Warning

An Ominous Warning
“And I get it that there are wrestlers who — that’s how they do things. But at 11 years old, I don’t think introducing those habits at such a young age ends well, ever," she added.

10. Looking Out For Bentley?

Looking Out For Bentley?
Asked when she realized something was amiss, Standifer replied, “We thought that he was, like, putting the pressure on himself … and we were like, ‘That’s a little extreme.’ And we just didn’t know it was like that — at home.”

11. A Shady Response

A Shady Response
Asked if the 11-year-old even wants to train so hard, Sandifer answered, “I know he definitely wants it. He works so hard … I just feel like he’s also pushed to the limit.”

12. A Checkered Past

A Checkered Past
From there, the conversation turned to Ryan's drug use and the restraining order that Maci filed against him as a result of his erratic behavior and violent threats.

13. Still Paying the Price

Still Paying the Price
"[Maci] says on the show that if he takes a drug test, he can take Bentley," Standifer says. "But he tried to do that, and there was no response."

14. Dodging the Question

Dodging the Question
Asked if Ryan had already taken a drug test, Mackenzie was a bit evasive.

15. So No

So No
"We could go tomorrow," she said. "Blah, blah, blah, we listed out the address — and he got no response [from Maci]."

16. Some Good News

Some Good News
Asked if Maci’s restraining order against Ryan had expired, Mackenzie responded simply, “Yes.”

17. A Win-Win?

A Win-Win?
“Mainly through his mom," Mack said in response to a question about how Maci and Ryan communicate. "In his eyes, it’s like, he gets to see Bentley almost every weekend, so he’s like, ‘Why would I want to fight with her about any of it?’"

18. He Should Really Just Take One

He Should Really Just Take One
Asked again if Ryan has taken a drug test, Mackenzie replied, “He offered to take one, and there was no response.”

19. Oh, No She Didn't

Oh, No She Didn't
From there, the interview took a wildly controversial turn, as Joy accused Maci of sounding intoxicated during the episode, and Mackenzie seemed to corroborate her claim.

20. A Bold Accusation

A Bold Accusation
“This episode, I swear to God, she’s slurring," Joy said. "I’m sure you can’t say anything, but I was like what the hell?”

21. Silence Speaks Volumes

Silence Speaks Volumes
“I hope she wasn’t, but I swear to God I heard it," Joy continued, as Mackenzie rather tellingly remained silent.

22. Major Shade

Major Shade
“I just hope everyone who needs help gets it. And that’s not directed at her, I just …” Mackenzie replied before trailing off.

23. One Last Dig

One Last Dig
“If it was me, and my son’s dad, then I would be communicating what I wanted … my terms, my expectations, what I’m expecting from him, so that we’re on the same page," Mackenzie said as a parting shot against Maci.

24. The Response

The Response
On Instagram, fans were predictably critical of Mackenzie's interview.

25. Touché

"I mean who cares REALLY?" wrote one follower. "She has no job and literally watched her husband drive while high and still married him popped out another kid but wants to sit there and talk about maci motherhood smfh!"

26. The Defense

The Defense
Joy was quick to defend Mackanzie, writing, "Last Night I Interviewed Mackenzie Edwards from Teen Mom OG. Over the years, I've been critical of her choices and how she's been portrayed. In person, Mackenzie is a very sweet & loving young woman. Despite so much hate by fans, she keeps smiling."

27. The War to Come

The War to Come
We're guessing Maci won't be quite so generous in her response. Say tuned for further developments.

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