Mackenzie Standifer Posts Baby Bump Pic Following Mysterious Social Media Hiatus

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Back in May, Mackenzie Standifer disappeared from social media.

Her reasons were obvious, of course.

Standifer's husband, Ryan Edwards, has been involved in just about every sort of scandal imaginable in the past few months.

The downward spiral began when Edwards got arrested several months ago, and it's continued in shocking fashion ever since.

At a certain point, Mackenzie probably got sick of dealing with a new controversy every time she logged in.

Fans are happy to see Standifer back on Instagram -- but they still have a lot of questions about her absence.

1. Before the Fall

Before the Fall
There was a time when Mackenzie and Ryan actually appeared to have a happy marriage. That didn't last long.

2. A Rocky Start

A Rocky Start
Things got off to a bad start when Ryan got so high on his wedding day that he passed out while driving to the church.

3. Turning It Around?

Turning It Around?
Shortly thereafter, Ryan checked into rehab, and it briefly looked as though he was committed to making his marriage work.

4. Worse By the Day

Worse By the Day
Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that Ryan had been using a dating app to help him find suitable cheating partners.

5. Bad Timing

Bad Timing
All of this came on the heels of news that Standifer is pregnant with Ryan's baby. It will be the second child for both partners, but their first as a couple.

6. The Long Goodbye

The Long Goodbye
Like we said, it's not hard to see why Mackennzie needed a break from social media -- but we're having a hard time understanding why she returned.

7. The Final Photo

The Final Photo
Interestingly, Mackenzie didn't delete her Instagram account. Instead, she turned control over to a photographer friend of hers, who announced himself by posting this pic he had taken of Standifer.

8. A Lengthy Break

A Lengthy Break
That was back in May. Mackenzie has been MIA from all social media platforms ever since.

9. Back With a Bump

Back With a Bump
Earlier this week, Mackenzie posted this pic to her Instagram page. She captioned the photo, "Happiness is H•O•M•E•M•A•D•E."

10. Toughing It Out

Toughing It Out
Mackenzie didn't offer much in the way of details about her absence, but she did confirm that she and Edwards are still together.

11. The "Happy" Couple

The "Happy" Couple
Standifer squashed breakup rumors by posting this photo of herself with Ryan and his son, Bentley.

12. No Fan of Fame

No Fan of Fame
From the very beginning of her time on Teen Mom OG, Mackenzie made it clear that she was not a fan of the spotlight.

13. A Temporary Solution

A Temporary Solution
In fact, this isn't the first time she vowed to keep her distance from social media, so as not to be subjected to constant trash-talk from fans.

14. Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is
"What’s it like being on TV you may ask? Must be so glamorous, right?" Standifer wrote on her website in December. "Let’s start from here. This is a very, very lonely life.

15. Dark Places

Dark Places
"It takes you to dark places and it forces you to find yourself and to define what you’re made of," she added.

16. Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate
"It’s about showing the world the 'story' while knowingly opening yourself up to hatred and vile comments at your expense," Mackenzie concluded

17. Virtual Nesting?

Virtual Nesting?
We don't know Mackenzie's exact due date, but fans have speculated that she returned to social media in preparation for her baby's arrival.

18. Not All Bad

Not All Bad
After all, there might be a lot of haters out there, but there are also lots of fans who will be eager to see Mackenzie's baby pics. Now, she just has one more major step to take before the kid arrives ...

19. Getting Ryan to Grow Up

Getting Ryan to Grow Up
It won't be easy, but Mackenzie seems committed to making this marriage work. Here's hoping Ryan will get his priorities straight before the big day.

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