Mackenzie McKee: Secrets and Scandals of the Newest Teen Mom Star

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It's now official: Farrah Abraham is out of Teen Mom OG.

And Mackenzie McKee, formerly of Teen Mom 3, is in.

Rumors that McKee will be taking over for Abraham as a series regular began circulating not long after Abraham got fired by MTV.

While the reasons for her dismissal are subject to debate, what we can say for certain is that her replacement has quite a history too.

The new OG cast member isn't all that new ... nor has the Oklahoma native's life been without its share of twists, turns and tumult.

Scroll down to get to know the real Mackenzie McKee.

1. Where Was She Born?

Where Was She Born?
Born Mackenzie Taylor Douthit, she is a native of Miami ... but not that Miami! She was born in Miami, Oklahoma.

2. When Was She Born?

When Was She Born?
On October 17, 1994. This makes her a Libra, in case you were wondering. This also makes her 23 years old, which seems crazy in that she's been around for 6-7 years. Guess that's what happens when you're 16 & Pregnant.

3. What Are Her Interests?

What Are Her Interests?
After graduating from high school, where she was a member of the cheerleading team, McKee attended cosmetology school and later worked in a salon ... while also working on a fitness career. Mackenzie is the most openly religious of all the Teen Mom stars, though she is also the only one of her siblings to not wait until marriage to have sex (obviously).

4. Is She Still Into Fitness?

Is She Still Into Fitness?
Oh yes. Scroll through her Instagram feed and you'll see plenty of photos such as the one above. In fact, fitness has been an integral part of the brand she built - and arguably landed her back on MTV.

5. Where Have You Seen Her Before?

Where Have You Seen Her Before?
McKee was a cast member on 16 & Pregnant and on Teen Mom 3. She first appeared on MTV on the Season 4 premiere of the former series and was prominently featured on the latter's first and only season.

6. Is She Married?

Is She Married?
Yes. And it's been a fairly stable relationship, save for a cheating scandal back when she and her high school sweetheart Josh McKee were engaged. She and her now-husband started dating in February of 2010 and got married in 2013. "Josh was whispering in my ear how much he loved me," Mackenzie told Us Weekly of the ceremony.

7. How Many Kids Do They Have?

How Many Kids Do They Have?
Three: Mackenzie gave birth to son Gannon on September 12, 2011; daughter Jaxie Taylor on February 7, 2014; and son Broncs Weston on August 14, 2016. Yes, Broncs. Because he's a rodeo professional. See what they did there?

8. There Was Almost a Fourth, Too

There Was Almost a Fourth, Too
We learned in 2013 that McKee suffered from late-term miscarriage of a boy she and Josh had already named Oakley. It's unclear exactly when this miscarriage took place, but it is believed to have been around 2010.

9. A Sad History

A Sad History
Mackenzie McKee is one of seven kids born to her parents. She had a brother with Down Syndrome who tragically died at the age of 18.

10. His Name Was Mike

His Name Was Mike
McKee's mom, Angie, actually wrote a book about the sad experience. This is what an excerpt from the Amazon description of it says: "Angie Douthit wrote this touching story to help herself move through the grieving process after Mike's death. She is inspired by her family and by God. Douthit works as a National Board Certified third-grade teacher."

11. Has She Ever Been Mired in Scandal?

Has She Ever Been Mired in Scandal?
Yes, a few times. In 2013, as pictured above, she posed with her young son... and a dead, bloody deer corpse. Click on the above headline to read more about it.

12. What Else?

What Else?
Back in the day, long before McKee took over for Farrah, she hurled a great deal of shade at the sex tape star, criticizing Abraham for "spreading her legs" for money and chastising her at one point: "I hope you realize that doing porn isn’t the best thing for your daughter." (Click above for more.)

13. But... Wait ... She Also Made a Sex Tape?!

But... Wait ... She Also Made a Sex Tape?!
Despite slamming Abraham for having sex on camera, we learned in July 2015 that Vivid has acquired a sex tape starring McKee. It was never released, however, because she did not give the company permission to release it. (Again, click above for more.)

14. The Facebook Feud to End All Facebook Feuds

The Facebook Feud to End All Facebook Feuds
As noted previously, Mackenzie and Josh have mostly had a stable marriage. But in January of 2017, there was chatter online that she stepped out on her husband... sexually. And the couple went at it very publicly over Facebook as they tried to get to the bottom of this rumor.

15. It Got Very Personal and Ugly

It Got Very Personal and Ugly
"I have always been right!" Josh screamed online of his belief that his wife had been cheating, later claiming that Mackenzie also orchestrated most of the drama you saw between the stars on MTV: "The porn video was all her idea... Me throwing my wedding ring down the toilet was all her idea, me leaving her when she was pregnant was all her idea." Sounds like she's full of big ideas.

16. But the Past is in the Past

But the Past is in the Past
Mackenzie and Josh have since moved past these issues and now seem happier than ever. Wrote the former as a caption to this image: "We are gonna be, the greatest love story this town has ever seen." Must be a really small town are we right?!

17. Hello... Hypocrite?

Hello... Hypocrite?
In April 2017, McKee slammed the proposed idea of a 16 & Pregnant reboot. She said it set a terrible example to shine a light on teenage pregnancy in this manner, writing: "The show was created to show viewers the struggle of what it is to become a mother at a young age. What you miss out on, the sacrifices you must make to raise your child. I do not think MTV should continue to find new teen moms." But now she's set to star on Teen Mom OG?!?

18. A Candid Admission

A Candid Admission
About a week after she made those comments, McKee made headlines for a very different reason, as summarized in the article above. The then-22-year old talked openly about having suicidal thoughts, and about how she nearly took this awful action: "My postpartum was bad. I would fill up the bathtub and go under water. I would take anxiety meds and hope not to wake up."

19. Mackenzie vs. Briana!

Mackenzie vs. Briana!
In August of 2017, McKee slammed the decision by MTV to hire Briana DeJesus for Teen Mom 2 instead of her. As chronicled in the post above, McKee said she thought Briana's scandalous history of multiple baby daddies was the basis for this dumb move; McKee's critics felt she was bitter and thirsty for fame.

20. A Tragic Diagnosis

A Tragic Diagnosis
In January of 2018, McKee told the world that her mom had been diagnosed with brain cancer. This is a photo the MTV star shared on Instagram about two months later, showing her brave parent doing her best to battle against the disease.

21. Looking Ahead...

Looking Ahead...
McKee now has her own fitness website, It focuses on special diets and workout plans, especially for those with Diabetes. She is hoping to use her own challenging history as a way to inspire others.

22. As for Her Once-Rocky Marriage?

As for Her Once-Rocky Marriage?
"I married you so I could kiss you anytime I want," McKee wrote as a caption to this photo of her and Josh, making it clear that have moved way past all obstacles... together.

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