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On Friday, Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee delivered some surprising news to fans:

She and husband Josh McKee have decided to pull the plug on their six-year marriage.

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Not only were Mackenzie’s followers caught off guard by news of the split, they were also shocked by the acrimonious nature of the split.

Right off the bat, Mackenzie labeled Josh "a horrible person."

We soon found out the reason for her harsh opinion.

Josh has been accused of cheating by two witnesses who say they saw him hooking up with a mystery woman at The Thirsty Armadillo bar in Texas.

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(Ed. note: We appreciate Josh doing his alleged cheating at the most Texas-named bar in Texas.)

Mackenzie is understandably upset by the accusations, but in a surprising turn of events, her own mother has accused her of overreacting.

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, fan favorite Angie Douthit reveals that she believes Josh when he claims he’s not guilty of any infidelity.

“The accusers have no pics or videos," Douthit told the outlet.

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"If you saw a celeb cheating, you would take all kinds of photos. They’d be all over social media,” 

Angie says she’s cautioned her daughter in the past about the dangers of jumping to conclusions:

“I told Mackenzie that she needs to always investigate before she pounces,” Douthit remarked.

She then went on to jump ro a conclusion of her own, declaring without a douby that Mackenzie and Josh will get back together:

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“[Their split] is temporary,” she said.

“They’re trying to figure it all out.”

Angie believes that the current situation is just a consequence of the renewed public interest in Mackenzie’s life following her recent addition to the Teen Mom OG cast.

“Any time you are on TV attention-seekers will try to cause problems. It’s sad,” she said.

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“They’ve come a long way. I pray God keeps their marriage healthy.”

As for the solution to Mackenzie and Josh’s recent marital woes, Angie says it’s simple:

"They need to talk more. They need to discuss things before they believe a total stranger’s accusations,” she said.

“They need to put God first and let him lead their marriage.”

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It sounds like Josh agrees.

He has yet to address the situation at length, but he has described the cheating rumors as "bull crap."

Sometimes brevity really is the key to communication.