Evelin Villegas Unfollows Corey Rathgeber, Purges Instagram, Joins OnlyFans

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Everybody's going a bit stir-crazy right now, and that can sometimes lead to conflict between people who love each other.

90 Day Fiance cast members are no exception.

So when Evelin Villegas purged every single photo from her Instagram and unfollowed Corey Rathgeber, we figured that they'd had a fight.

With Ecuador on a strictly enforced lockdown, did that mean that they had broken up and were stuck together?

Corey also publicly spoke out against Evelin's decision to join OnlyFans, an adult media site that has surged in recent months.

Now, Evelin is opening up and explaining what really went down between her and Corey.

Even those of us who have kept up with their drama both on and off-screen could not have guessed what their huge fight was about.

1. This is SO messy

This is SO messy
So, Evelin and Corey are still in Engabao, Ecuador and have been living together while on lockdown. But that doesn't mean that everything is domestic bliss.

2. People have a LOT of feelings about these two

People have a LOT of feelings about these two
We know that they're a controversial couple. Evelin is one of the most polarizing 90 Day Fiance stars in the history of the show. Some people love Corey and hate Evelin, some people love Evelin and resent Corey, some people can't stand them both, some people love them both.

3. Well, Evelin just purged her Instagram

Well, Evelin just purged her Instagram
"Hi again!" Evelin's caption to this photo begins. "I deleted all my pictures cause I needed a fresh start... so many pictures and videos that meant so much to me but some people still come and destroy them with their nasty comments so I decided to delete it all and start again."

4. And more:

And more:
"I really appreciate all the love and support from all of u nice people but for the trolls I say please if you dont like me stay away from my page," Evelin's caption continues. "Much love to all of you , dont forget it's mental health month , No more trolls! Love you all, I'll love for you guys to visit my little piece of paradise after we win the war against coronavirus."

5. Is there trouble in paradise?

Is there trouble in paradise?
Yes. Evelin didn't just delete every photo of Corey on her Instagram, she flat-out unfollowed him. (And yes, we checked -- as of May 20, she is STILL not following him, but he is following her so at least he's not currently blocked)

6. That's tricky

That's tricky
They are still living with each other. Weird to drop someone on Instagram when you're still sharing an apartment.

7. That's just the beginning, though

That's just the beginning, though
Evelin, as you cannot help but notice if you have checked out her link tree or Instagram Stories lately, has started an OnlyFans.

8. Here it is

Here it is
OnlyFans is an adult site where people can pay to subscribe to see anything from tasteful nudes (in Evelin's case) to solo videos, as you might see from a cam worker, to full blown sex scenes featuring two or more people. In Evelin's case, she's sharing curated nude photos with subscribers.

9. She's also discussing it with fans

She's also discussing it with fans
Evelin says that she updates every day. This may mean that she produces new content every day, or that she took a whole bunch at once and is slowly doling it out as time goes by.

10. She appreciates the support

She appreciates the support
Notably, many people who are unable to work during this time have created OnlyFans accounts as an addes source of income. It's not a GoFundMe, because subscribers are getting content in return.

11. However ...

However ...
While Evelin's choice is hers to make (and sex work is valid work and all kinds of sex workers, from nudes-takers to full service folks, deserve support and respect), it doesn't sound like Corey is thrilled.

12. In fact, he openly disapproves

In fact, he openly disapproves
Corey writes that he "100%" does not "agree with it." Well, opinions are like buttholes -- everyone has one, and if you go to the right website, you can probably see them.

13. Evelin disagrees

Evelin disagrees
A fan points out that Evelin's OnlyFans page isn't that different from Instagram, she's just wearing a little less fabric. Evelin totally agrees.

14. It seems a little hypocritical, dude

It seems a little hypocritical, dude
Corey himself has been selling stripteases (and magic tricks, and conversations) on Cameo and similar apps to paying fans. Sure, he's not hanging dong in the videos, but it's weird for him to get bent out of shape over Evelin having nip slips behind a paywall when he's doing what he's doing. Though, to be clear, he doesn't get to decide what she does with her body regardless.

15. Fans love to accuse her of being the worst

Fans love to accuse her of being the worst
While we wouldn't say that fights, breakups, and drama are "normal" for couples, they are pretty standard for a lot of reality TV couples -- otherwise, the cameras wouldn't be there. But Evelin clapped back when a fan accused her of "playing games with Corey's heart."

16. In fact, she hates those kinds of questions

In fact, she hates those kinds of questions
On her Instagram Stories, Evelin made it very clear to fans that she's tired of being accused of holding Corey captive -- she's not. They're in a relationship and he's a grown man, not a puppy.

17. On another note ...

On another note ...
Evelin admits that she is warming up to the idea of moving to the US, as the minimum monthly income where she lives has plummeted to $200 a month. A lot of people in the US need and deserve higher wages, but even the worst minimum wage is better than that.

18. This is quite a change in tone

This is quite a change in tone
Previously, Evelin has said that she loves Engabao too much to leave. It's her home, she's near her family, and she loves the beach and surfing.

19. Hold on ...

Hold on ...
None of that explains exactly why she decided to unfollow Corey. Because OnlyFans does not seem to be the culprit.

20. Now, here's where it gets spicy

Now, here's where it gets spicy
In a recent Instagram Story, captured by 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates before it slipped through the internet's finger and was lost to time, Evelin explains what her issue with Corey REALLY is.

21. Corey WHAT?!

According to Evelin, her beef with Corey has to do with him being horny on main for a 20-year-old Peruvian girl. Now, a lot of people use Instagram for thirst-follows, but Evelin makes it sound like Corey's personal history (that fans don't know about) made this a bigger deal than it appears. Huh.

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