Maci Bookout: When Did She Last Speak to Ryan Edwards ... and Why?

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Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout has opened up about her relationship with Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer.

Or, perhaps it would be more accurate for us to state, her lack of a relationship with these two individuals.

The veteran MTV cast member posed for a holiday card with Standifer and ALL the kids shared between them awhile back.

This somewhat surprising turn of events caused some observers to think these two were on strong terms ... or stronger at least.

But are they, really, at the end of the day?

And when did Maci last speak to Ryan?

Answers await! Scroll down to find them ...

1. Are Maci and Mackenzie Friends?

Are Maci and Mackenzie Friends?
Like we mentioned above, we understand why some followers would think this, considering the photo they posed for above. Despite the tough times of the past decade, and his obvious personal problems, they share one beautiful little boy they both love. That should be enough, right?

2. Wow. There are A LOT of Kids There.

Wow. There are A LOT of Kids There.
We're talking about son Bentley, 10, whom Bookout shares with Edwards; daughter Jayde, 3; and son Maverick, 2, whom she shares with husband Taylor McKinney; Mackenzie’s son Hudson, 4, from a previous relationship; and Jagger, 3 months, whom she shares with Edwards.

3. Don't Be Fooled, However

Don't Be Fooled, However
“We don’t really have a relationship," Bookout said very simply this week when asked about Standifer by Us Weekly.

4. Back In Action

Back In Action
Yes, another season of Teen Mom OG will soon be upon us. And just like in years past, Maci has joined her fellow castmates in making the media rounds to promote the show.

5. Oh... No?

Oh... No?
"It’s not negative. It’s not a bad relationship, there’s just really not one," Maci added.

6. Makes Sense, Right?

Makes Sense, Right?
All the women have in common is Edwards and, yeah... that's pretty darn awkward.

7. Where Was Ryan When That Holiday Family Photo Was Snapped?

Where Was Ryan When That Holiday Family Photo Was Snapped?
In jail. Otherwise known as his second home.

8. Oh Yeah! That's Right!

Oh Yeah! That's Right!
He was arrested on a charge of heroin possession and simple theft in January 2019 and then spent the next three months behind bars. He was released in April.

9. What Did He Do?

What Did He Do?
He fell off the wagon. In doing so, he allegedly walked out on a $36 tab at a Tennessee restaurant after ordering six whiskey drinks there.

10. Did He Have Drugs on Him?

Did He Have Drugs on Him?
No. However, at the time of his arrest, he was also booked on a heroin possession charge stemming from an outstanding warrant.

11. The Guy Gets Arrested A Lot

The Guy Gets Arrested A Lot
He was taken into custody in March 2017 for heroin possession and entered rehab after the arrest.

12. Was That All?

Was That All?
Nope. In 2018, Edwards violated his probation and was arrested for the second time in four months, returning to treatment again.

13. He Spent 90 More Days in Rehab Last Fall

He Spent 90 More Days in Rehab Last Fall
And he missed the birth of his son, Jagger, in the process.

14. Back to Bookout:

Back to Bookout:
When did she last see her very troubled ex?

15. It's Been Awhile

It's Been Awhile
“I haven’t seen him or anything. [He] hasn’t had the chance to impact [me] or have an impact yet,” the Teen Mom OG star told Us, explaining that there's been no contact since Ryan got out of jail.

16. But This Was to Be Expected

But This Was to Be Expected
Bookout, Taylor McKinney and their two kids were granted a two-year restraining order against Edwards in May 2018.

17. What Does Bentley Think of All This?

What Does Bentley Think of All This?
“Even if people don’t talk about us, like, we’re on TV at home, kids always tell the truth,” Bookout said, confirming that the 10-year old has an understanding of what's going on.

18. Word Simply Spreads

Word Simply Spreads
“People are talking about it at home. So I definitely don’t want him going to school and some kid saying, ‘Oh so-and-so told me’ or ‘my mom showed me’ or ‘I saw this,'" she explained of why she is honest with her son.

19. This is Just a Sad Fact of His Life

This is Just a Sad Fact of His Life
“I think just from the standpoint of him being able to process, comprehend and understand, and get through it in a healthy manner, I think he needs to know what’s going on,” she continued.

20. An Important Life Lesson

An Important Life Lesson
Concluded Bookout on this topic: “As his parent, [I] reinforce that he does have love around him and support around him. And that that’s life; things happen but it’s going to be OK.”

21. Still Cashing Those MTV Checks?

Still Cashing Those MTV Checks?
As for whether or not Ryan and Mackenzie will appear on the upcoming season of TMOG -- that remains to be seen.

22. Flip-Floppers

In the past, Ryan and Mackenzie have sworn that they were done with the series -- but Standifer popped up in multiple episodes last season, while Ryan was in the slammer.

23. Complications

Of course, those episodes were shot when the Mack was on good terms with Maci and Ryan was behind bars.

24. Maci's Call

Maci's Call
Bookout was reportedly the one who demanded that MTV fire Ryan and Mackenzie. Insiders say she went so far as to issue her bosses a "them or me" ultimatum.

25. Maci Shows Mercy

Maci Shows Mercy
Maci may have taken pity on Mackenzie and consented to her shooting a handful of scenes.

26. The Gravy Train Has Left the Station

The Gravy Train Has Left the Station
And it's unlikely that she'll feel so sympathetic toward her troubled ex and his wife now that Ryan is back home.

27. What About Taylor?

What About Taylor?
There's been that her and her husband are not happy at all these days, but Bookout did not address this rumor in this interview.

28. And All That Chatter About Her Womb?

And All That Chatter About Her Womb?
LOL. No word on the pregnancy rumors, either.

29. When Will We See Maci Next?

When Will We See Maci Next?
Teen Mom OG returns on MTV Monday, June 10, at 10/9c. We'll be tuning in for sure!

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