Jenelle Evans: Just So We're Clear, I Don't Care About Jace Anymore Either!

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Every single day, the situation with Jenelle Evans, David Eason, and their children gets sadder and sadder.

But like ... it's just too much now.

Earlier this week, they officially lost temporary custody of the kids after David killed the family dog, and that was bad enough.

Seriously, that was plenty awful.

However, the Easons weren't quite done being the absolute worst people, and so last night, The Ashley's Reality Roundup released a new report all about how they were "done" with Maryssa.

The news is heartbreaking and infuriating, but there was also a little tidbit about Jace in there that lots of people seem to be skipping over.

And just when you thought you couldn't think any worse of Jenelle ... well, here's this.

1. A Big History

A Big History
So Jenelle's relationship with her oldest child, Jace ... well, it's always been pretty rocky.

2. The Beginning

The Beginning
Jenelle got pregnant with Jace as a weed-loving party girl teenager, and we could tell from her reality television debut on 16 and Pregnant that things would not end well.

3. Oh Gross

Oh Gross
Jace's father was Andrew Lewis, an older guy who promised Jenelle that he'd be around for her and their son but split pretty much the second Jenelle gave birth.

4. Um

Jenelle, meanwhile, talked about how excited she was to have a kid, that she'd take him to the beach and watch movies with him, but it quickly became clear that she had literally no idea what babies do.

5. Girl

Right after Jace was born, she went back to partying, and she justified staying out all night by saying that he'd be asleep anyway, and besides, he didn't need her because he had her own mother.

6. Thank Goodness for Barbara

Thank Goodness for Barbara
Yep, Barbara, Jenelle's mom, quickly stepped into make sure Jenelle didn't kill Jace, and it just kind of stuck.

7. Big Changes

Big Changes
When Jace was around six months old, Jenelle officially signed custody over to Barbara -- there's still some mystery around the exact circumstances of this, but it seems like CPS had gotten involved, and Jenelle has said that she signed the custody papers to avoid going to court.

8. Getting Worse!

The idea originally was apparently that Barbara would officially have custody, but that Jenelle would still live at home and act as a mother to Jace. Obviously, that did not happen.

9. Oops

Instead, Jenelle started focusing on dating and weed and building up her mug shot scrapbook -- we all remember how bad she was during this time.

10. Memories

As we saw in early seasons of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle seemed to prefer smoking weed (and later doing heroin) with Kieffer than hanging with her kid.

11. Yikes

We saw her go through a few different relationships, several different arrests, and she even got married once.

12. All Thanks to Nathan

All Thanks to Nathan
But it wasn't until she got knocked up by Nathan Griffith that she really started to think about getting custody of Jace back.

13. So Sad

And then, boy did it become a big deal.


This was when Jenelle really seemed to start hating Barbara -- well, this was one of those times. We saw her scream at her so many times about how she needed to give her her son back, and that "He's my son, not yours!" You remember.

15. Making Progress?

For a while, they tried to work things out privately, but Barbara was always unprepared to just hand Jace over -- and understandably so. Finally, in 2015, Jenelle formally filed for custody.

16. Not Getting Anywhere

Not Getting Anywhere
The case kept getting pushed back for all sorts of reasons, until finally in the summer of 2017, it came to a quick end.

17. Weird

And that's because instead of going to court, Jenelle agreed in mediation that Barbara should have full, permanent custody of Jace.

18. Truly Bizarre

Yep, after years of screaming and crying and begging her mother to give her son back, she gave up the right to ever have Jace, and she did it without any fight at all. It was the best thing for Jace, to be clear, but still ... kind of a weird move.

19. A New Normal

A New Normal
By the time the case was settled, Jenelle had Kaiser and Ensley, and she was just a few months away from marrying David, who had just gotten full custody of Maryssa, his daughter from a previous relationship.

20. A Troubled Relationship

A Troubled Relationship
Jenelle and Barbara weren't getting along, but Jace did come over for his scheduled visits as agreed on in the mediation.

21. The End?

The End?
So everything was settled, right? WRONG. Big time.

22. Dang It, David

Dang It, David
Jace's custody was settled two years ago, and since then, David's behavior has gotten worse and worse. There have been abuse allegations, rumors of neglect, and of course we all heard Jenelle sob to the 911 operator about how David had knocked her down and pinned her to the ground so hard she thought he'd broken a bone.

23. RIP Nugget

RIP Nugget
But things came to a head a few weeks ago when David brutally killed the family's French bulldog, Nugget.

24. No More Kids

No More Kids
Police started investigating, and before too long, CPS got involved -- they took all the children out of the home, and they advised Barbara to keep Jace from visiting.

25. More Custody Battles

More Custody Battles
Jenelle and David tried to fight this decision, but earlier this week, after four separate court dates, a judge officially terminated their custody -- temporarily, anyway.

26. Where are They?!

Where are They?!
As of now, Maryssa is with her grandmother, Kaiser is with Nathan, and Ensley is hanging with Jace at Barbara's house. They'll stay there until Jenelle and David complete the requirements to prove to the judge that they can handle being parents.

27. The Plan?

The Plan?
Going forward, they'll have supervised visits, and next week they'll learn the plan to get the kids back, but it will reportedly involve regular drug testing, counseling, and parenting classes.

28. Real Talk

Real Talk
Honestly, we have our doubts that they'll be able to comply with the judge's demands -- Jenelle would have to give up weed, and is David even capable of complying with anything?

29. Guys ...

Guys ...
But it seems like as of yesterday, they'll only be fighting for custody of two kids, not three ...

30. Noooo

Because according to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, they're "done" with Maryssa.

31. So Disappointing

So Disappointing
A source told the site last night that “Jenelle and David had a supervised visit at the visitation center with all four kids today. Jace and Ensley were there, as was Kaiser. Maryssa came but refused to see David so he left.”

32. Over It?

Over It?
David got angry, as he tends to do, and “He said he’s done with Maryssa, and that she can stay with her grandmother for good."

33. What a Father

What a Father
David allegedly said that he'll drop Maryssa's stuff off at her grandmother's house, and that's that. They're done.

34. No Words

No Words
So that's just incredibly disgusting and wrong and tragic and all sorts of other bad things, right? How could he just be done with his own daughter?

35. But Wait

But Wait
It's unfathomable, but there's another part of The Ashley's report that lots of people seem to be looking over.

36. Jace, Too

Jace, Too
And that's the very first line of the report: "Jenelle Evans and David Eason will no longer fight for custody or unsupervised visitation of their two oldest children."

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