Jenelle Evans: Just So We're Clear, I Don't Care About Jace Anymore Either!

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Every single day, the situation with Jenelle Evans, David Eason, and their children gets sadder and sadder.

But like ... it's just too much now.

Earlier this week, they officially lost temporary custody of the kids after David killed the family dog, and that was bad enough.

Seriously, that was plenty awful.

However, the Easons weren't quite done being the absolute worst people, and so last night, The Ashley's Reality Roundup released a new report all about how they were "done" with Maryssa.

The news is heartbreaking and infuriating, but there was also a little tidbit about Jace in there that lots of people seem to be skipping over.

And just when you thought you couldn't think any worse of Jenelle ... well, here's this.

1. A Big History

A Big History
So Jenelle's relationship with her oldest child, Jace ... well, it's always been pretty rocky.

2. The Beginning

The Beginning
Jenelle got pregnant with Jace as a weed-loving party girl teenager, and we could tell from her reality television debut on 16 and Pregnant that things would not end well.

3. Oh Gross

Oh Gross
Jace's father was Andrew Lewis, an older guy who promised Jenelle that he'd be around for her and their son but split pretty much the second Jenelle gave birth.

4. Um

Jenelle, meanwhile, talked about how excited she was to have a kid, that she'd take him to the beach and watch movies with him, but it quickly became clear that she had literally no idea what babies do.

5. Girl

Right after Jace was born, she went back to partying, and she justified staying out all night by saying that he'd be asleep anyway, and besides, he didn't need her because he had her own mother.

6. Thank Goodness for Barbara

Thank Goodness for Barbara
Yep, Barbara, Jenelle's mom, quickly stepped into make sure Jenelle didn't kill Jace, and it just kind of stuck.

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