Maci Bookout: I'm GLAD I Dumped Ryan Edwards!

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There was a time when Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards were among the most civil former couples in the entire Teen Mom franchise.

We think it's safe to say those days are done.

Maci and Ryan are feuding over custody of their son, Bentley, and it looks as though the conflict is doomed to get uglier before it (hopefully) gets resolved.

As is so often the case in public custody disputes, a fair amount of shade-throwing is going on, and the latest comes from Maci, who says she's very happy that she decided to cut Ryan loose so many years ago.


1. The Beginning

The Beginning
There was a time when Ryan and Maci actually seemed like a stable couple by Teen Mom standards. That era didn't last very long.

2. A Bitter Breakup

A Bitter Breakup
Ryan and Maci have gone through periods of relatively amicable co-parenting, but they've also experienced plenty of rough patches. The one they're in now being a prime example...

3. "See You in Court!"

"See You in Court!"
A recent episode of Teen Mom saw Mackenzie and Bentley visiting Ryan on Father's Day. He vaguely threatened his ex with legal action.

4. Safety Concerns

Safety Concerns
Maci is reportedly concerned about Ryan's ability to create a safe and stable environment for Bentley. Given his struggles in recent months, it's not hard to see why she might feel that way.

5. Ryan at Rock Bottom

Ryan at Rock Bottom
Ryan's drug addiction was so severe at one point that he passed out while driving to his own wedding. These days, he's six months sober, but he's had a difficult time earning Maci's trust back.

6. Opening Up

Opening Up
Maci spoke candidly about her feelings toward Ryan in a recent TM:OG promo. He might not like what she had to say...

7. She Had Her Doubts

She Had Her Doubts
Maci admits she was uncertain when she first decided to end her romantic relationship with Ryan. “When Ryan and I broke up, I was really proud of myself but also kind of confused and like, Am I doing the right thing?" she says.

8. Doing the Right Thing

Doing the Right Thing
"But I knew at the time that it would be better for Bentley and better for Ryan and myself too if we were separated because we clearly weren’t getting along,” she adds.

9. Priorities

Ultimately, Maci went through with the breakup because she felt that's what would be best for her son. “I just wanted to make the healthiest choice for Bentley and for myself personally,” she says.

10. No Regrets

No Regrets
Maci concludes the promo by saying she does not regret parting ways with Ryan. “I would definitely say that was the right choice — 100 percent," she tells fans.

11. Cold Blooded?

Cold Blooded?
Some fans feel that Maci was a bit harsh in her assessment of her relationship with Ryan, noting that he seems to have a genuine desire to be a good dad.

12. And What Does Ryan Think?

And What Does Ryan Think?
Naturally, there's a great deal of curiosity surrounding what Ryan thought of Maci's comments. We think it's safe to say he's less than thrilled...

13. Silence Speaks Volumes

Silence Speaks Volumes
Ryan has yet to publicly respond to her remarks, which pretty much tells fans everything they need to know. This is a guy who usually has no trouble defending himself.

14. For Example...

For Example...
This was the meme Ryan posted when he got out of rehab. Like we said, he's generally not the type to shy away from conflict.

15. Keeping His Cool?

Keeping His Cool?
Ryan has made no effort to mask his feelings since undergoing treatment. Some call it erratic behavior. It seems Ryan believes he's just speaking his mind.

16. A Lot on His Plate

A Lot on His Plate
Of course, it's possible that Ryan is keeping quiet about the latest Maci drama for the simple reason that he's got a lot on his plate these days.

17. A New Life

A New Life
Ryan is newly married to Mackenzie Standifer. The couple recently had a second wedding to make up for their difficult first ceremony.

18. A Different Reason?

A Different Reason?
Of course, it's possible that Ryan's silence is strategic. He may have a very good reason for declining to comment on Maci's latest shade...

19. The Battle to Come

The Battle to Come
It's looking more and more like Ryan and Maci will soon find themselves in court. Ryan's apparent emotional stability certainly won't do him any favors in the eyes of a judge, so he may be keeping quiet at the behest of his legal team. Whatever the case, it seems this conflict is far from over.

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