Leah Messer Gets Bullied By Haters: You Look Like a Stripper From All That Plastic Surgery!

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Leah Messer isn't messing around, y'all!

The mother of three might be the most soft-spoken of all the Teen Mom 2 stars, but if you push her beyond her limit, you can be certain she'll give you an earful.

Leah's temper is on full display this week thanks in part to a persistent rumor that she's undergone major cosmetic surgery.

Online trolls say they have proof that she's significantly changed her face.

Leah says they're just a bunch of jealous haters with too much time on their hands.

Who's telling the truth?

Examine the evidence and decide for yourself:

1. Don't Mess With Messer

Don't Mess With Messer
It takes a lot to piss Leah off, but once her temper flares up, watch out.

2. Random Targeting

Random Targeting
For reasons that remain unclear, Leah has been the target of choice for various trolls and haters on social media in recent weeks.

3. Brutal Stuff

Brutal Stuff
For some reason, the bullies who have been flooding Messer's comments lately have focused on two specific types of insults.

4. Surgical Strike

Surgical Strike
A surprising number of commenters are insisting that Leah recently underwent several cosmetic surgeries.

5. Under the Knife?

Under the Knife?
At this point, the rumor is so widespread that even Leah's fans have begun to believe it. Some have gone so far as to compliment her on the results of her non-existent procedures!

6. Putting In Work

Putting In Work
“I think you are stunning! But did you have work done?” one follower asked the MTV star.

7. Fill 'Er Up!

Fill 'Er Up!
“You look amazing with the cheek fillers," another gushed.

8. Clearing The Air

Clearing The Air
Now, Leah would like to let fans know that she has not undergone any invasive cosmetic procedures. ("Invasive" being the key word here.)

9. Making Herself Heard

Making Herself Heard
“It’s sad that I have to post anything about this,” Leah wrote on IG earlier this week. “But since media outlets are already contacting me in regards to comments made on my last post about me getting cheek fillers …

10. Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight
"Here is MY statement, along with a blast from the past over the last 10 years that shows just how much I have transformed into the healthiest, best version of myself.”

11. Plastic Proof?

Plastic Proof?
Leah posted her statement alongside a series of photos which she says should serve as proof that she hasn't had any significant work done. Naturally, some fans still have their doubts.

12. Throwback Jams

Throwback Jams
"It’s called taking better care of yourself, loving yourself and embracing yourself for who you are! I’m a completely different person on the inside and it radiates on the outside, people!" Leah captioned the set of pics. "Why do you think I’m so motivated to be an inspirational, self-help, life coach and start a program?"

13. Blonde Ambition

Blonde Ambition
"My passion is to help others love themselves and radiate their light from within!" Leah continued.

14. Being Real

Being Real
"With that being said, I did have some small cosmetic work done on my teeth and what I really want is to get my boobs done – FYI! (Just being real!)," Ms. Messer endearingly confessed.

15. A Word to the Haters

A Word to the Haters
Leah went on to reveal that she has gained some weight in recent weeks, and she sarcastically thanked the commenters who pointed that out.

16. The Point

The Point
We believe Leah when she says she hasn't had much work done. And we applaud her for concluding her message by pointing out that it doesn't really matter if she has.

17. Her Body, Her Choice

Her Body, Her Choice
“If I wanted to have fillers and whatever else done one day, it’s my body, my life and we should be empowering and uplifting to each other as women and not take the first opportunity to tear each other down!” she wrote.

18. Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line
Of course, Leah is used to commentary on her appearance. What really makes her lose it is when the haters go after her kids.

19. Not Cool

Not Cool
"She should be teaching them class and education so they avoid her path,” one awful person wrote on a recent pic of Messer and her daughters.

20. EXTREMELY Not Cool

“Look how far nice nails and fake hair got her," the hater added.

21. WAY Over the Line!

WAY Over the Line!
“If it wasn’t for MTV, she’d be sliding down a pole. Next," the a-hole added.

22. The Clap Back

The Clap Back
"That’s a good oneeeee but clearly you don’t know s–t about me or the life I lived as a child," replied an obviously irate Leah. "Bioooootch. Get off my page.”

23. Go, Girl

Go, Girl
For obvious reasons, Leah was widely applauded for her response.

24. Still Standing

Still Standing
As you may know, Messer has had a difficult year, what with her ugly breakup from Jason Jordan and all.

25. Silver Lining

Silver Lining
So while we hate to see her take this sort of harassment online -- we love the confirmation that she hasn't lost her spunky edge.

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