Ryan Edwards: I'm Totally Sober -- Booze Doesn't Count!

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Ryan Edwards has really had a very difficult time with addiction.

If you've seen him on Teen Mom at all in the past few years, you're familiar with this.

He's been arrested multiple times on drug-related charges, he's been to rehab twice, we've seen the track marks on his arm -- it's been bad.

But now, at long last, some new reports are claiming that he's finally managed to kick that deadly habit!

Unfortunately, it looks like he's only swapped one addiction for another ...

1. What a Tough Road

What a Tough Road
OK, so Ryan has been dealing with addiction for a long time -- maybe longer than any of us know.

2. Wow

After all, an ex-girlfriend has claimed that he went to rehab all the way back in 2012 for a painkiller addiction.

3. Dang

And there have been so many times on Teen Mom OG, way before the situation was ever addressed, that he just looked real, real high.

4. Memories

But it wasn't until 2017 that we knew for sure Ryan was on drugs ... and things quickly went downhill from there.

5. Oh, Maci

Oh, Maci
A few seasons ago, Maci began speaking vaguely about some concerns she had for him, and then about how he had a problem that had been getting worse. We later found out that she'd been told about his addiction, and that a mutual friend had reached out to let her know he'd started shooting heroin.

6. So Scary

So Scary
And of course there was no denying that when, just a few episodes later, we saw him nodding off while driving himself and Mackenzie to their first wedding.

7. Working On It?

Working On It?
He did go to rehab after that, but he left early, and it really seemed like he didn't take it seriously at all because less than a year later, he was totally out of control again.

8. So Many Arrests

So Many Arrests
He was arrested in March of 2018 for failing a drug test, which was part of his probation he got from an arrest the year before that no one knew about -- that one was for drug possession.

9. Ryan!

A few months after that, he was arrested again for another probation violation, and finally he decided to head back to rehab.

10. Good

This time, he stayed away for a few months -- long enough to miss the birth of Jagger, his first child with Mackenzie.

11. Come On

Come On
But, wouldn't you know it, about a month after he came home from rehab, he was arrested AGAIN.

12. Tough Break

Tough Break
That arrest happened in January, and it was for theft -- he'd allegedly skipped out on a bar tab. Those charges were later dropped, but he stayed in jail until April because the arrest meant that he'd violated that probation yet again.

13. Doing Well?

Doing Well?
It's been nearly two months since Ryan was released from jail, and as far as we know, things have been going all right. He hasn't been arrested again, at least.

14. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
But that doesn't mean he's in the clear -- and a new report from Radar Online claims that he's simply traded one addiction for another.

15. Yay?

“He seems to be clear of heroin,” a source close to Ryan told the site. "He hasn’t been wide-eyed or sluggish.”

16. Not Good

Not Good
However, he “does still drink," and that's just not great.

17. Not Hiding It

Not Hiding It
We were aware that he'd picked up drinking after his last stay in rehab -- his last arrest was for getting several whiskeys at a bar and then leaving without paying, after all.

18. Well ...

Well ...
And on the Teen Mom OG premiere, we saw him order a beer in a restaurant. Mackenzie told him it wasn't a great idea, but he said “I just want a beer with my steak."

19. Totally Fair

Totally Fair
“Mackenzie doesn’t trust him fully,” Radar's source claimed. “She doubts his decisions if she’s not supervising him.”

20. Raising Ryan

Raising Ryan
And since Mackenzie works a day job in addition to being on the show, she can't supervise him all the time -- as this source explained it, “He does his own thing during the day when she’s at work."

21. That's Ryan!

That's Ryan!
And even though he's apparently not doing heroin right now, he still has a “careless attitude.”

22. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
“His personality sucks,” said the source.

23. Ugh

This pretty much goes without saying, but this is all bad news, right?

24. Sobriety, Please

Sobriety, Please
It doesn't matter that Ryan's big problem was heroin -- he could very easily become an alcoholic by simply substituting one addiction for another. And although alcohol is legal, it's still very dangerous.

25. Heartbreaking

We'd love to say we have high hopes for Ryan now that he's completed such a long stay in rehab and such a long stay in jail ... but honestly, this is a pretty scary development.

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