Andrew Lewis to Jenelle Evans: I Want a Relationship With Jace!

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Earlier this week, MTV aired a special focusing on Jenelle Evans' many exes.

The hour was light on surprises, as for most of the guys, very little has changed since we saw them last.

But there was at least one major twist, and interestingly, it was delivered by Jenelle's OG ex--her very first baby daddy, Andrew Lewis.

It's been eight years since Lewis saw Jenelle, or his son Jace, but now he wants to make things right.

Will Jenelle be receptive to his efforts, or is this a classic case of too little, too late?

1. The Eason Family

The Eason Family
After years of reckless behavior, Jenelle has finally found a measure of stability and contentment thanks to her marriage to David Eason. There's still plenty of drama in her life, of course, but Jenelle seems happier than fans have ever seen her.

2. The Fight for Jace

The Fight for Jace
Jenelle long ago surrendered custody of her oldest son, Jace, to her mother, Barbara Evans. She's been fighting to regain custody for much of the boy's life.

3. An Absentee Father

An Absentee Father
Jace's father, Andrew Lewis, has never been involved in his son's upbringing. He makes child support payments to Barbara, but hasn't seen Jace since he was an infant.

4. The Return of Andrew?

The Return of Andrew?
Is it possible that Andrew might actually be making his way back into Jace's life after nearly a decade of neglect? Believe it or not, Lewis says he now wants to form a relationship with his son.

5. An Optimistic Outlook

An Optimistic Outlook
“I live in New York City, I am an event coordinator,” he told MTV on Monday's special. “I haven’t seen Jenelle in over eight years. I am single and I love being single."

6. No Depression!

No Depression!
"There’s no worries, there’s no drama and there’s no depression at all!” Lewis continued. Sounds to us like he may be overcompensating a bit.

7. Blaming Jenelle?

Blaming Jenelle?
Andrew chalks his absence up to initial uncertainty as to the identity of Jace's father. “[Jenelle] waited until the last minute to say Jace may not be your son,” he said. “I was scared when they called for the paternity test.”

8. A Desire to Make Things Right?

“I would love to have a relationship with Jace,” Lewis said. “I dream about him every day. I think about him everyday.

9. Avoiding Reminders

Avoiding Reminders
Andrew says he's so tormented by thoughts of Jace that he avoids all reminders of the boy. "The reason I don’t Google him or look him up is because it’ll hurt me," Lewis told MTV.

10. Jenelle Is Still Angry

Jenelle Is Still Angry
However, it seems Lewis may be out of luck when it comes to mending fences with Jenelle. Evans has a lot of anger for a lot of people, but perhaps none more than her first baby daddy.

11. Looking Back on Abandonment

Looking Back on Abandonment
“I felt really mad for Jace’s sake and for my sake that I was going to do this all by myself,” Evans tells MTV. “I was scared.”

12. For Jace's Sake?

But would Jenelle ever set aside her feelings to allow Andrew to meet Jace, simply so that her son might have a relationship with his father? Don't count on it...

13. Stay Out!

“I’d rather Andrew be completely out of Jace’s life instead of being in and out,” Jenelle told MTV. “Maybe he should just stay out.”

14. Holding a Grudge?

Holding a Grudge?
Of course, Jenelle has plenty of reasons to be angry with Andrew, but some of them have little to do with Jace.

15. Controlling Andrew

Controlling Andrew
"I became a doormat for the guy," Jenelle wrote in her memoir of her relationship with Lewis. "He came and got what he wanted from me, when he wanted it, and I waited for him to tell me what to do. We had to talk when he wanted to talk, no matter the odd hours. We had to go out when he wanted to go out. We did what he wanted to do."

16. An Older, Alcoholic Man

"He did drink, a lot," Jenelle wrote of Lewis, who is six years her senior. "I mean I like a beer every now and again, but he stayed wasted most of the time. At sixteen, I thought that was so cool. He drank more than he should, and I thought it was so adult and fascinating."

17. A Sinking Feeling

"In my gut I could feel that he wasn’t interested in having a kid,” she added. "I knew then he wouldn’t stick around. And he didn’t."

18. Fleeing His Family

Andrew relocated while Jenelle was still pregnant. While he visited occasionally, it seems Jenelle had every reason to doubt his ability to be a father...

19. Drunk Dad

Drunk Dad
"Andrew came and visited a few times," she wrote. "He was more interested in partying with his friends and getting drunk than spending time with his pregnant girlfriend. Not to mention he was broker than f--k and didn’t have a job. What in the heck did I ever see in him?" It's rare that we side with Jenelle, but it sounds like she may have dodged a bullet when Andrew left.

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