Krazy Kardashian Baby Names: The Definitive Kountdown!

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On November 10, 2016, Blac Chyna gave birth to a daughter named Dream.

Dream Renee Kardashian, to be exact.

We'd be taken aback by this name, but... have you met Dream's cousins?!?

This is a family as well known (nearly) for its collection of unique baby names as for its collection of sex tapes.

Which name is the most ridiculous? Which is the most normal? Let's count em all down, shall we?

7. Mason Disick

Mason Disick
He was the first child born to Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian. So it took them a couple more to fully grasp this weird name thing.

6. Penelope Disick

Penelope Disick
Again, nothing too unique here. Scott and Kourtney were clearly trying to throw fans for a normal swerve before having their third kid.

5. Reign Disick

Reign Disick
... and there it is! Reign Disick is a cutie. But Kourtney and Scott must have assumed she'd be their final child and had no choice but to make an unusual name impact.

4. King Cairo

King Cairo
His dad is dating Kylie Jenner. His mom just gave birth to rob Kardashian's son. King is totally part of the family!

3. Saint West

Saint West
The second child born to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, Saint somehow only has the second silliest baby name in the family.

2. North West

North West
Yup, they really did it. Kanye and Kim really did name their first child North.

1. Dream Kardashian

Dream Kardashian
But Dream takes the hilarious cake! You can at least shorten "North" to "Nori," which is pretty cute. But what are you gonna call Dream. Dreamy?!?

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