Kody Brown: Spotted! Without His Wedding Ring! What Does It Mean?!?

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Kody Brown is not just a married man.

He's a married man FOUR times over.

This is how Brown ended up as the star of Sister Wives, a polarizing reality show about his relationship with this quartet of women... not to mention the 18 children he has procreated along with them.

But might these long-standing, angst-ridden and unconventional (to say the least) romances be coming to an end for the Kode Man?

Following various rumors about various wives being unhappy in their roles, might Brown be actively seeking a new batch of cult members?

We do now have a reason to believe this could be the case.

What else would explain the scene described down below?

1. What's the Latest Controversy?

What's the Latest Controversy?
According to The Daily Mail, Brown was spotted outside a gym in his new home state of Arizona... without a wedding ring on his finger.

2. Should This Be Cause for Concern?

Should This Be Cause for Concern?
As Sister Wives viewers know well, Kody does wear a ring on each episode in order to represent his marriages to Meri, 48, Janelle, 50, Christine, 47, and Robyn, 40.

3. Isn't It Common to Take Off One's Ring When Working Out?

Isn't It Common to Take Off One's Ring When Working Out?
Yes. However, a witness tells The Daily Mail that Brown was also acting very single: "He drove up in a little blue sports car. He has a twinkle in his eye and a certain charm, I'm sure some of the ladies at the place were checking him out."

4. Sending Signals

Sending Signals
"You'd never know that he had four wives and 18 children at home," the source added. "It seems like his wives would want him to wear it, especially at a place where there are plenty of attractive single women hanging out."

5. Man Bun Alert!

Man Bun Alert!
The newspaper made a point to say that Brown was rocking his "trademark man bun" and "pranced around and looked to see if anyone was watching." We guess some women might find that attractive, right?

6. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Kody packed up his large family last summer and moved them from Las Vegas, Nevada to Flagstaff, Arizona.

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