Jenelle Evans: Kids Hauled Out of Court in Blankets Following CPS Hearing, David Eason Outburst [Updated]

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The bad news just keeps on coming for Jenelle Evans and David Eason.

And as usual, the controversial couple has no one but themselves to blame.

In the weeks since David shot and killed Jenelle's dog, all hell has broken loose on the struggling homestead the Easons have dubbed "The Land."

First, Jenelle's son Kaiser was removed from her care.

Shortly thereafter, Ensley and Maryssa Eason were removed from The Land by Child Protective Services.

Now, it looks as though the authorities may be going to even greater lengths to ensure that David is unable to put his children in harm's way.

Take a look:

[UPDATE: Jenelle and David appeared in court moments ago, and it appears they received even more bad news. We'll continue to update this post with new information as it becomes available.]

1. The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End
In the weeks before he shot and killed the family dog in a fit of rage, David seemed to be spending more time with his kids than usual. Needless to say, those days are done.

2. Barren Land

Barren Land
David says he killed the dog to protect his children, but investigators aren't buying it. At this point, there are no more children living on Jenelle and David's property.

3. Goodbye to Kai

Goodbye to Kai
First to be removed from the property was 4-year-old Kaiser, who has reportedly been placed with his father, Nathan Griffith.

4. Escorted to Safety

Escorted to Safety
Next, CPS intervened on behalf of Ensley, the couple's 2-year-old daughter, and Maryssa, David's 11-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

5. Whereabouts Unknown

Whereabouts Unknown
There have been conflicting reports about where Ensley and Maryssa are living at the moment. But whatever the case, it seems David's parenting skills have not improved in the days since they were removed from his care.

6. Tossed Out

Tossed Out
According to a new report from Radar Online, David was recently removed from a supervised visitation center after he lost his temper in the presence of CPS officials.

7. Family Reunion

Family Reunion
“Ensley and Maryssa were there," one insider tells the website. "They’re staying with Maryssa’s grandmother.”

8. The Return of Jace

The Return of Jace
The site reports that Jenelle's son Jace was also on hand for the visit. Jace is being raised by Jenelle's mother, and this was reportedly the first time he's seen Jenelle or David since the infamous dog shooting incident.

9. One Bad Dad

One Bad Dad
“David was thrown out because he was arguing with the social workers,” says a source close to the situation. “He was causing trouble."

10. He'll Never Change

He'll Never Change
We're guessing Jace didn't miss this behavior! And who was David picking fights with? Why, everyone, of course!

11. A for Effort

A for Effort
“He was arguing with everybody,” the insider adds. Witnesses also claim that David trimmed his beard and cut his hair in preparation for the meeting.

12. Icy Jenelle

Icy Jenelle
Insiders also say Jenelle was “not crying and was not upset at the meeting." Which is odd, as it sounds like she had plenty to be upset about.

13. Long Road Ahead

Long Road Ahead
It remains to be seen if Jenelle and David will be able to regain custody. In the meantime, their children are well-represented. “A court-appointed attorney is being given to each child,” says the insider.

14. Battle Royale

Battle Royale
On Thursday, Jenelle and David will face off in court against Barbara Evans, Nathan Griffith, and just about everyone else who has a claim to the custody of their children.

15. All in the Family

All in the Family
Both Radar and The Ashley's Reality Roundup have confirmed that all parties will be present at an emergency hearing, including David's ex-girlfriend Whitney Johnson, who is Maryssa's mother.

16. Jenelle vs. Babs

Jenelle vs. Babs
It's unclear if the concerned parties will be required to give statements during the hearing. But in any case, it sounds like it could be a long afternoon for Jenelle and David.

17. One of Many

One of Many
And that might be just the beginning of the Easons' rough days in court. Jenelle is still scheduled to face Nathan in court on May 30 to determine custody of Kaiser -- but there's a good chance that recent events will cause that hearing to be pushed back.

18. David Drama

David Drama
Meanwhile, David is enduring some baby mama drama of his own, as he was recently ordered to pay more than $4,100 in back child support to Olivia Leedham, the mother of his son.

19. Full of Excuses

Full of Excuses
David gave the court numerous excuses for why he's unable to work, including the claims that he's homeschooling his daughter and he suffers from a skin condition that prevents him from working outside.

20. Not Having It

Not Having It
The judge in his case was quick to shoot those excuses down, writing, “The defendant’s choice in homeschooling a child rather than seeking gainful employment is in bad faith and shows a naïve indifference to his compliance with his court ordered obligation to pay child support,”

21. Yeah, No

Yeah, No
“Defendant testified that he stays at home with his daughter and homeschools her, despite other children living with him in the same home that are attending traditional school outside the home,” the judge continued.

22. Nice Try!

Nice Try!
“Defendant testified that he suffers from vitiligo, a skin condition, and that having vitiligo prevents him from working outside or outdoors,” the decision read.

23. Laziness Is Not a Medical Condition

Laziness Is Not a Medical Condition
“The court does not find the defendant's testimony credible that his vitiligo prevents him from any gainful or meaningful employment that would allow him to earn sums of money and has the ability to earn sums of money through employment,” the judge continued.

24. The Big Bucks

The Big Bucks
The court documents also contained some interesting information regarding David and Jenelle's finances, including the fact that Jenelle made $400,000 for her final season of Teen Mom 2, and David made between $60,000 and $120,000 for each season he appeared on the show.

25. Assets Up the Wazoo

Assets Up the Wazoo
The judge also noted that David has boasted about owning many guns and more than 20,000 rounds of ammo. He also owns a boat that was given to him by Jenelle and estimated to be worth roughly $6,000. All of these assets could have been liquidated in order to pay child support.

26. Soon to Get Worse

Soon to Get Worse
We're thinking the bad times are just beginning for Jenelle and David, and the couple will probably be selling off a LOT of property in order to cover legal fees in the months to come.

27. UPDATE: Tough Day In Court

Jenelle and David appeared in court today, and TMZ has obtained this footage of the downtrodden couple leaving their CPS hearing.

28. Protective Custody

Protective Custody
As if that clip didn't provide enough insight into how the hearing played out, the site also posted this photo of the kids being taken away from the courthouse by a CPS vehicle.

29. All About Dave

All About Dave
TMZ also reports that Jenelle is definitively not the target of the CPS investigation, noting that "it's all about David and his violent temper."

30. The Wrong Decision

The Wrong Decision
Unfortunately for Jenelle, as long as she remains with David, investigators will likely continue to regard her household as unsafe. At this point, she's essentially being asked to decide between her abusive husband and her already-traumatized children.

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