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Another day, another Jenelle Evans social media meltdown.

But this time, the tantrum is a little different from her usual theatrics in a number of important ways:

1. Jenelle started tweeting at about 8 am on Monday morning, a time when we would assume she’d still be sleeping off last night’s party.

2. Jenelle fired a number of new allegations against her former bosses (who are obviously still very much on her mind), as well as prominent media figures (who seem to have replaced Teen Mom 2 producers at the top of Evans’ enemies list).

3. Jenelle deleted the tweets, which means she must have come to her senses and realized how crazy she sounded. Progress!

But unfortunately for Jenelle, the internet never forgets, and we’ve got her entire early-morning tirade right here.

Join us as we attempt to make sense of it, won’t you?