Jenelle Evans Accuses Teen Mom 2 Producer of Banging Her Ex, Claims She's Being Harassed By Media

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Another day, another Jenelle Evans social media meltdown.

But this time, the tantrum is a little different from her usual theatrics in a number of important ways:

1. Jenelle started tweeting at about 8 am on Monday morning, a time when we would assume she'd still be sleeping off last night's party.

2. Jenelle fired a number of new allegations against her former bosses (who are obviously still very much on her mind), as well as prominent media figures (who seem to have replaced Teen Mom 2 producers at the top of Evans' enemies list).

3. Jenelle deleted the tweets, which means she must have come to her senses and realized how crazy she sounded. Progress!

But unfortunately for Jenelle, the internet never forgets, and we've got her entire early-morning tirade right here.

Join us as we attempt to make sense of it, won't you?

1. Enraged and Unemployed

Enraged and Unemployed
Jenelle Evans is at it again. The unemployed former reality star launched a delusional tirade against her perceived enemies on Twitter Monday morning.

2. Downright Presidential

Downright Presidential
Yes, like Nixon, Hitler, and other psychos before her, Jenelle seems to have a list of foes, and today, she decided to kick off her week with a vigorous Two Minutes Hate, in which she railed against several who she feels have wronged her.

3. Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday
The funny thing is, Jenelle seemed to have a good weekend. She lounged poolside, and of course, she posted a slew of new bikini pics.

4. No Ducks Were Given

No Ducks Were Given
"This as good as it gets, take it or leave it #PoolDay #Confidence #BeYou," Evans captioned her latest photo set. Her followers were quick to shower her with praise in the comments.

5. Struggle Session

In a rare moment of self-deprecation, Jenelle even posted a "behind the scenes" video in which she struggled mightily during her photoshoot. And it was actually pretty funny!

6. Going Off

Going Off
All the same, Monday morning found Jenelle pissed off and very possibly hungover. In any case, she was ready to do battle, and she kicked off Meltdown Monday at an hour when people with jobs are just about to head off to work.

7. Efficient Rage

Efficient Rage
Amazingly, Jenelle was able to target several foes with just a handful of tweets. We guess when you've been filled with anger and jealousy for so long, you become quite skilled in expressing it.

8. Case of the Mondays

Case of the Mondays
First up was a relatively new foe. Jenelle has complained about Reddit before, but never with the kind of outrage she conveyed on Monday morning.

9. Targeted Harassment!

Targeted Harassment!
Jenelle claimed that she's a victim of "targeted harassment" because Reddit users publish posts like this one, in which they make it perfectly clear how much they dislike her.

10. Bad News

Bad News
If that sort of talk bothers her so much, she might want to refrain from going anywhere else on the internet where people are allowed to freely express opinions -- because "Jenelle sucks" is a fairly common one.

11. No Shame

No Shame
Jenelle probably expected to find sympathy with her harassment complaint. Unfortunately for her, anti-Jenelle sentiment is so common and so accepted that the person she complained about actually claimed credit for the post.

12. Reddit Rage

Reddit Rage
Evans continued to rail against Reddit using her new favorite term, "targeted harassment."

13. Jenelle's Hell

Jenelle's Hell
She even threatened to sue the site. Something tells us Reddit and every other social media site has bigger concerns these days than people saying mean things about Jenelle Evans.

14. Which Raises an Interesting Point ...

Which Raises an Interesting Point ...
Is all of this just Jenelle's way of distracting fans from the fact that she's been accused of racism numerous times in recent weeks, and she still refuses to speak out in favor of Black Lives Matter or the protesters who are fighting against police brutality?

15. Nice Try

Does she think we'll forget about the fact that Ashley Siren and others have called out her bigotry if she simply shifts our attention elsewhere?

16. Distraction Tactics

Distraction Tactics
Or maybe she wants us to forget about David Eason's racist rants about Michelle Obama.

17. Still Angry

Still Angry
Whatever the case, when Jenelle's Reddit rant was finally at an end, she launched a new tirade. This one was aimed at two media outlets -- Starcasm and The Ashley's Reality Roundup -- who she feels have treated her unfairly.

18. This Doesn't Look Like Ignoring

This Doesn't Look Like Ignoring
"I just try to ignore all your lies and rumors about me," Evans wrote in her since-deleted diatribe.

19. Playing the Victim

Playing the Victim
"You and people like Starcasm have to tweet back and forth laughing about me almost every week," Evans continued, seemingly addressing The Ashley.

20. Clueless

This prompted many of her followers to ask why Jenelle doesn't simply block the people who are tweeting such nasty things about her. Not surprisingly, Evans didn't have an answer.

21. The Usual Complaints

The Usual Complaints
Jenelle griped that Starcasm and The Ashley are guilty of reporting factually inaccurate information about her, but she also claimed that both outlets ignore significant scandals that she's tangentially involved with -- including one that involves her former Teen Mom 2 producer, Kristen Schylinski.

22. Called Out?

Called Out?
"While I'm calling everyone else out, why don't you write about how my old director, Kristen, is sending Kieffer money?" Jenelle wrote, seemingly addressing The Ashley or Starcasm (who can even tell at this point?).

23. Remembah Kieffah?

Remembah Kieffah?
Yes, Jenelle claims that Kristen has been sending money to her former boyfriend, Kieffer Delp.

24. Whatever You Say

Whatever You Say
She offered no evidence of this, nor any reason why Kristen would be sending Kieffer money. But she did claim that Barbara Evans will back her up on this one.

25. Mysteries Abound

Mysteries Abound
Is she suggesting that there's something going on between Kristen and Kieffer? She seems to be. But she never comes right out and says it. And why would Kristen tell Barbara about all of this?

26. Why Would They?

Why Would They?
Neither Babs not Kristen has commented on the situation publicly.

27. A Born Liar

A Born Liar
But we think the fact that Jenelle deleted her rant tells us everything we need to know about its veracity.

28. Solid Response

Solid Response
The Ashley did respond to Jenelle's claim that she gets her information from a Teen Mom crew member whom she's dating. "UM NO," The Ashley tweeted.

29. Perfect

Really, what else is there to say about any situation involving Jenelle?

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