Big Ed Brown Tried to Pay Rosemarie Vega to Strip Down on Camera!

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Big Ed Brown had to make amends with his tearful daughter on the finale of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 4.

But that was before she had seen the whole season.

It was also filmed months before the Tell All Special.

As card-carrying members of 90 Day Fiance Nation know, Ed and Rosemarie each had accusations about each other.

Big Ed said that Rose had tried to get him back just months earlier, but she denies it. She says she moved on with a girlfriend.

Meanwhile, she accuses Ed of trying to pay her to make nude videos of herself ... and that's what brings us to today:

1. Shaun is back!

Shaun is back!
Shaun Robinson returned to host this Tell All, and this time, via remote video in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. They all did

They all did
Video chatting is how half of the Tell All ended up leaking, but without it, they wouldn't have been able to safely record at all.

3. Obviously, there was a lot about Big Ed

Obviously, there was a lot about Big Ed
Big Ed may have ended up one of this season's villains, but he was still one of the most widely covered (and memed) breakout stars.

4. Despite his controversies ...

Despite his controversies ...
He still had time to be the voice of reason in the face of some castmates, like David Murphey who seems to exist on a whole other planet from the rest of us.

5. Obviously, the biggest talk was about his relationship

Obviously, the biggest talk was about his relationship
Though Ed somehow still has some fans, many viewers and fans soured on him as his treatment of Rose became more apparent, and especially as they saw how hurt she was by his lies.

6. That didn't mean that things were easy for Rose

That didn't mean that things were easy for Rose
Ed's remaining fans have been viewing Rose as the bad guy, some accusing her of trying to "use" him for money in the same way that he used her for fame.

7. Naturally, they got into it

Naturally, they got into it
Even though we all saw a lot of drama play out on screen, it looks like there was even more upset and betrayal when the cameras were no longer rolling.

8. Rosemarie had a lot to say

Rosemarie had a lot to say
Watching Ed do interview after interview, charming fans and hosts alike with his appearance and self-deprecating manner, was frustrating for Rose, who knew him so well -- and who probably recognized the same mannerisms that he had used to win her over before he broke her heart.

9. Apparently, Ed tried to get back with her

Apparently, Ed tried to get back with her
She would have preferred to be left alone after the breakup, but she says that Ed got in touch with her in February.

10. Ed claims that she's lying

Ed claims that she's lying
He insists that it was Rosemarie who reached out to him, angling for a Valentine's Day gift ... from her ex ... back in February. He even claims that his message history can prove it.

11. No!

Rose says that Ed's version of events does not reflect reality.

12. This is where his credibility comes into question

This is where his credibility comes into question
Big Ed admitted on camera before he even went to see Rosemarie that he was lying to her about two things -- his height and his intentions regarding having children. After that, he should understand why so many -- including his own daughter -- believe Rose over him.

13. Rose says that HE wanted HER back

Rose says that HE wanted HER back
Whether because he was lonely or heartsick or simply realizing that his antics on camera would make him look like the bad guy and wanting to improve his brand by winning her back, Rose says that it was Ed who contacted her.

14. This was painful for Tiffany

This was painful for Tiffany
Tiffany is Ed's adult daughter -- and six years older than Rose. She was listening the whole time, and when Shaun asked how she felt hearing her dad say that he had been prepared to throw away his relationship with her to pursue things with Rose, her voice cracked as she began to cry.

15. So did Ed ... sort of

So did Ed ... sort of
We know that different people cry differently, but Ed seemed to go through the motions of fighting back tears as his daughter cried. He tried to claim that he hadn't really been prepared to give up on their bond, but ... it seemed pretty clear that Tiffany knows who her father is ... up to a point.

16. Then comes the interrogation

Then comes the interrogation
Remember when Ed Brown demanded that Rose answer his questions so early into his visit? Well, it looks like he passed that on to his daughter, who demanded to know if Rose really loved her dad. (This is kind of expected -- people with distant parents often try to find a new "bad guy" to resent while making excuses for their parent)

17. She did!

She did!
Rosemarie explained that yes, she really loved Big Ed. After all, that is why his revelation about his lies hurt her so much.

18. Meanwhile ...

Meanwhile ...
Big Ed brings up that Rose moved on and began dating a woman after her breakup with Ed.

19. That was not his story to tell

That was not his story to tell
We get it, Rose is a public figure, but it would have been more tasteful if Shaun had asked Rose a question that prompted her to discuss her girlfriend -- who is now her ex-girlfriend. Rebound relationships rarely last.

20. Rose confirms it, by the way

Rose confirms it, by the way
She says that she wanted to move on after Ed and clearly does not appreciate that he decided to make a big deal out of it.

21. Shaun speaks up

Shaun speaks up
Ed apparently did not know that Rose is interested in women. Notably, Shaun accurately describes Rosemarie as "bisexual" here, but we have not heard Rose use that label -- just one of many -- for herself. Everyone gets to decide upon their own labels.

22. That was not all, though

That was not all, though
Rose then accused Ed of, while talking to her about why she was sad and her personal struggles, asking her to take off her clothes for him on a video chat.

23. He even offered to pay her

He even offered to pay her
Sex work is 100% valid, but it's not something that you suggest to random people, including a significant other or an ex. It's a whole profession.

24. Gross!

"Open your video, get naked. Get naked now. I’ll video you, pay you money," Rose describes Ed as having said to her. Ed responded by laughing and accusing her of making it up.

25. Rose was so hurt

Rose was so hurt
Recalling how much he lied and the way that he had treated her, Rosemarie was in tears more than once. She says that she is happy moving on and wants no further contact with Ed.

26. It's over

It's over
"It didn’t work out and I’m sorry. I wish Rose the best life has to offer. I don’t want her to be sad or miserable, it just didn’t work out," Ed expressed.

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