Kim Kardashian Shares Rare Family Portraits (Is Kanye Actually Smiling?!?)

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It really is a Christmas miracle, folks.

As previously reported, Kim Kardashian hosted a lavish bash in honor of Jesus Christ's latest birthday this year, rocking a low-cut dress for the occasion and inviting such stars as former close pal Paris Hilton.

You can check out the photos from this shindig HERE.

But Kim saved the most surprising and precious images for later, dropping a handful of family snapshots on her Instagram account...

... including several of Kanye West smiling!

Yes, the rapper looks nice and normal and happy in these pictures, holding his children and playing the part of a regular old parent.

Hurry up and click through them below. You won't believe your eyes!

1. Boobs! And a Smile!

Boobs! And a Smile!
Check out this festive Kimye family photo! Take special note of Kim's cleavage and Kanye's smile!

2. Showing Attitude

Showing Attitude
HA! We love the attitude on North's face here. Might she have a future in modeling?

3. Programmed to Be Happy

Programmed to Be Happy
We simply can't get over Kanye's smile. The dude looks like a mannequin or a robot of some kind.

4. Posing in a Winter Wonderland

Posing in a Winter Wonderland
This is one of many photos that were taken at Kim's "winter wonderland" themed shindig.

5. Huh? We're Happy!

Huh? We're Happy!
Divorce rumors have followed Kim and Kanye around all year, but do they look like a couple here on the verge of a split?

6. Sleeping on Their Jobs

Sleeping on Their Jobs
The kids are gone for a minute! Let's take a little snooze, shall we?!?

7. No Shaming Here

No Shaming Here
The comments poured in, with this person defending the use of makeup on an infant.

8. Family Goals

Family Goals

9. North For All the Wins

North For All the Wins

10. No, Really, North for ALL the Wins

No, Really, North for ALL the Wins

11. Yikes! She's a Child, Random Internet Troll!

Yikes! She's a Child, Random Internet Troll!

12. Yes, Kanye Was Happy

Yes, Kanye Was Happy
Fans really couldn't get over this.

13. Wait, Did You Say Paris Hilton was at This Party?

Wait, Did You Say Paris Hilton was at This Party?
Yup! See the photo above! That was more shocking than Kanye showing real human emotion!

Wait! There's more! Just click "Next" below:

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