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Kim Kardashian is taking over.

Yes, we know she took over the pop cultural landscape long ago, and perhaps in some respects, her career has peaked.

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But while Kim might be overshadowed by her younger sisters in terms of fame and media clout, she’s slowly assuming the role of the Kard clan matriarchal figure who’s in charge of family festivities.

Sure, Kris Jenner is still at the top of the Kar-Jenner foodchain, but this year, she took a major step toward semi-retirement (We all know Kris will never fully retire.) by letting Kim host the family’s annual Christmas Eve bash.

And what a celebration it was.

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Kim being Kim, there was an elaborate theme in place.

The decor and attire were all in accordance with a "Winter Wonderland Whoville" motif.

Though to be honest most of the guests just dressed like they were headed to one of Diddy’s annual White Parties and showed little regard for the more Seuss-ian aspect of the theme.

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But with a guest list like this, who could complain?

Obviously, Kim’s A-list family was in attendance, including Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson, who were newly returned from a short pre-holiday trip to Mexico.

But the Kards weren’t the only famous faces in hand for the Yuletide bash.

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez both stopped by to spread some holiday cheer (and pose for a selfie or two).

Even Kim’s former bestie Paris Hilton stopped by for a spell.

Maybe this is Paris’ way of trying to atone for all the trash she talked back in the days when Kim was her lowly closet-organizer.

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Attendees say John Legend took the stage to belt out some holiday classics, and all the guests seem to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Khloe’s sisters even refrained from berating Tristan Thompson for cheating on her while she was pregnant with his child.

(Though frankly, we’re of the opinion that Tristan-bashing should be an annual tradition from here on out.)

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All-in-all it sounds like the party was a respite from what’s been an intensely drama-packed year for the Kardashians.

But don’t worry, we’re sure the whole family will be back to bickering for the sake of the camera crew any time now.

We’re sure another Kim vs. Khloe feud is brewing at this very moment.