Farrah Abraham Covers Daughter in Makeup, is Just the Worst

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Farrah Abraham does lots of questionable things.

That's pretty much her claim to fame.

Sometimes the dumb things she does are funny, or at least a little amusing, but a lot of times they're just sad.

Mostly because she's the single parent of a nine-year-old girl, poor Sophia.

And her parenting skills?

Well, it's just a big mess, guys, we'll be honest.

1. The Abraham Girls

The Abraham Girls
Just to drive this home for everyone, Farrah is solely responsible for nine-year-old Sophia's whole entire life. Just her. It's 100% up to Farrah to raise Sophia, and to raise her to be a fully functioning adult.

2. A Tragedy

A Tragedy
This is, of course, because Farrah's high school boyfriend, Derek Underwood, died in a car crash before Farrah even told him that she was pregnant with his child.

3. Trucking Along

Trucking Along
So for nearly a decade now, Farrah has been the sole caregiver of Sophia -- well, it's been her and her parents, who were quite a bit more involved when Sophia was younger.

4. Yikes

Can you imagine a more nightmarish scenario? Farrah Abraham, molding a young mind all on her own?

5. Bad Choices

Bad Choices
She really is doing it all on her own these days, too. For a couple of years now, she's been homeschooling her.

6. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
And although Farrah lives her life on social media, we rarely see Sophia actually learning anything.

7. Oh, Cool

Oh, Cool
She pretty much just travels around the world with Farrah and goes to adult events she has no business attending.

8. Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious
Hey, we said this whole thing is a big mess, and we really, really meant it.

9. Ugh

But in addition to the whole "total lack of a real education thing" -- which, to be clear, is a HUGE thing -- Farrah's failing on other parenting fronts.

10. Nope

She does a lot of inappropriate things with Sophia. Who could forget this super creepy photo shoot from the time that Farrah was pushing her to be a child model?


There was also the time earlier this year that Farrah revealed that she and her daughter take nude photos of each other and save them on their phones, which ... it's bad, guys. It's real bad.

12. Why Though?

Why Though?
We already said that she takes Sophia to places she has no business being -- one of those places is her plastic surgeon's office.

13. Molding the Future

Molding the Future
Speaking of plastic surgery, Farrah is totally open to Sophia getting work done. She's said that at this point, all she wants is veneers, but that legally she can't get them until she's 16.

14. So Overwhelming

So Overwhelming
It's just a lot, OK? Farrah does a lot of weird things when it comes to her kid, and she gets a lot of criticism for doing those things.

15. Inappropriate

One of the most frequent criticisms she's gotten is for allowing Sophia to wear makeup, which she's done for quite a few years now.

16. Too Much

Too Much
It's one thing to let your child play with makeup, but that's not what's happening here. Sophia wears makeup in photos and to events, and it's clear that someone put it on her.

17. A Problem?

A Problem?
And for a lot of people, that's not OK.

18. Take a Look

Take a Look
Here's a photo that was posted to Sophia's Instagram account earlier this week for Christmas -- see the makeup?

19. OMG

"OmG the make up!" one of her followers commented on the photo. "What is your mother doing. Sophia you are beautiful naturally."

20. Why?

Another asked "Why all the makeup? She’s naturally pretty and still so young."

21. Another Farrah?!

Another Farrah?!
"Why is there make up on this little girl all the time? Please don’t raise another Farrah!!" read another comment.

22. The Reality

The Reality
One person wrote "Poor baby! Why all the makeup? Your mom was putting mascara on you when crawling," which could be true, it's not like MTV aired every single thing.

23. Not Playing

Not Playing
"Even if she was 'playing' with her moms makeup, it wouldn’t look like this!" yet another person exclaimed. "She wear make up daily at 9. She will look 50 at 25!"

24. Poor Sophia

Poor Sophia
There are tons of comments like this, about how Sophia is way too young to be wearing makeup like this, and it can't be good for her self esteem, and how the "Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance"

25. Sorry!

But Farrah never listens to other people. Never. No matter what. So this is just how things are going to be, at least until Sophia is old enough to rebel against Farrah like Farrah rebelled against her parents. But that, friends, will be another amazing story for another amazing day, won't it?

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