Kailyn Lowry to Briana DeJesus: Since You Tried to Bang My Baby Daddy, I'm Gonna Bang Yours!

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The feud between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus is one of the most intense in the history of the Teen Mom franchise.

And every time we think the co-stars have decided to ease up on each other, one of them talks some random trash and kicks off the whole thing all over again.

This time, Kail was the instigator, and she basically left Briana with no choice but to shoot back.

Both ladies dragged the other one's baby daddies into the debate, and the whole thing escalated with record speed.

Needless to say, it's been entertaining as hell, and it's almost certainly not over.

Here's a quick recap of everything that's happened so far:

1. The Forever Feud

The Forever Feud
Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus are back at it. The Teen Mom 2 co-stars have been at each other's throats for years, and it looks as though their never-ending feud just escalated overnight.

2. Father's Day Drama

Father's Day Drama
The spat started innocently enough with Briana sharing a screenshot of an Instagram Story that a fan had sent her wishing all single moms a happy Father's Day.

3. Self-Shout-Out

“Happy fathers day to all the fathers but Happy fathers day to the single mothers out there who play both roles, y’all all right with me,” the post read. “Happy fathers day [Briana DeJesus].”

4. She Knew What She Was Doing

She Knew What She Was Doing
For some reason, Kail saw the meme reposted on a fan site and decided to stir the pot by commenting, “Happy Father’s Day, @devoinaustin," referring to the father of Bri's oldest daughter, Nova.

5. Speaking of Baby Daddies

Speaking of Baby Daddies
This led fans to accuse Kail of pettiness. Several asked if she wished a happy Father's Day to her own baby daddy, Chris Lopez, to which Kail replied, "Sure did!"

6. Rallying the Troops

Rallying the Troops
Shortly thereafter, a random fan came to Kail's defense, arguing that Briana is the one who's really to blame here, as she “refuses to grow up and move on.”

7. Doubling Down

Doubling Down
Kail concurred, replying to the comment, “Futhermore, if this is attacking, then??? LMAO, but nobody cares when she was sliding in Chris’ mentions and DMs. I’m literally wishing Devoin a happy Father’s Day,”

8. Dredging Up the Past

Dredging Up the Past
From there, a different fan pointed out that Briana has no room to complain about baby daddy shade, owing to the fact that she previously dated Kail's ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

9. How Did You Forget?!

How Did You Forget?!
"Oh, s–t,” Lowry laughed. “I even forgot about that one.”

10. Wut, Indeed?

Wut, Indeed?
Apparently a little late to the party, Briana stumbled on to this strange scene and was understandably a bit confused. “Wut [sic] is going on here, LMAO,” she commented.

11. Telling Her Side

Telling Her Side
Rather than lash out right there on Instagram, Briana decided to speak her mind in an interview with Champion Daily.

12. Not Having It

Not Having It
Briana called out Kail for “inserting herself” into “a part of [her] life she has no part of.”

13. She May Have a Point

She May Have a Point
From there, DeJesus argued that her original post had “nothing whatsoever to do with Kail,” and she slammed Lowry as “messy” for deciding to get involved.

14. The Devoin Factor

The Devoin Factor
“The fact of the matter is Devoin has never been a ‘full-time dad’ to Nova regardless of when he tries to step up," Bri told the outlet.

15. Self-Praise

"So, yes, I am doing the job of two. Thank God I have my mom and my sister to help me out,” she continued.

16. The Bigger Issue

The Bigger Issue
Steering away from her beef with Kail, Bri added, “Being a parent is a challenging job and I have said countless times before that I would have wanted nothing more than for my daughters to be raised with their fathers in their lives. … Unfortunately, that is not the case.”

17. Back Into the Muck

Back Into the Muck
From there, Bri turned her attention back to Kail, stating, “Girl, for someone that says you don’t want anything to do with me, you certainly seem to want to play the game. So you wanna play? Let’s play."

18. Going Off

Going Off
If that sounds ominous, well ... that's because it is. Bri ramped up the trash talk from there, roasting Kail for having three baby daddies, and denying that she has any romantic interest in Chris.

19. Did She Just Say "Doing You"?

Did She Just Say "Doing You"?
“You have THREE baby daddies … one of whom took an INTEREST IN ME while he was still DOING YOU and his current baby Mama," Bri said, apparently referring to Javi. "WE BOTH GOT PLAYED. Stop acting like the victim at this point and give it a rest.”

20. Javi Drama

Javi Drama
“I DO NOT WANT JAVI BACK. He’s all yours! Have him! Enjoy him! But stop trying to fight with me simply for the fact that you’re still bitter,” DeJesus continued.

21. The Hatchet-Burying Life

The Hatchet-Burying Life
“I’ve said countless times I would be willing to talk it out with you and move on but you’re not about that life," Bri went on.

22. She Really Went There

She Really Went There
"Don’t you have better things to worry about then inserting yourself into drama with one of my children’s fathers? Aren’t you knocked up again from the man you said beat you in leaked DMs?” Bri asked, seemingly referring to past strife between Kail and Chris.

23. Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight
Back in March, Briana made a comment about sleeping with Chris "for the ratings," but this week, she clarified that that was merely a joke.

24. All-Caps Clarification

All-Caps Clarification
“I have not EVER ‘slid into his DMs,’” DeJesus insisted. “I DO NOT WANT YOUR MEN."

25. Javi Regrets

Javi Regrets
"Javi was a mistake, but it’s in the past. I’m not stalking your life, I want no part of the men in your life and I don’t want or seek out drama with you," Bri added.

26. The Big Picture

The Big Picture
"There’s REAL LIFE problems going on in the world like a pandemic and Black Lives Matter … but it seems you want to continue to throw shade and daggers and start drama," DeJesus added.

27. Ouch

Briana concluded by encouraging Kail to either “stop talking” about her or agree to “sit down and have a conversation.” She also urged Lowry to start acting like a “role model" to her children and fans.

28. Mic Drop

Mic Drop
“Take care, now, Kail … until the next dramatic thing I’m sure I’ll have to address soon,” Briana added.

29. Tongue-Tied

Kail has yet to respond, and she may want to just let this one slide. Briana is clearly on a rampage here.

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