Baby Girl Lisa Hamme-Usman Umar Feud Goes Nuclear: No, YOU'RE a Blackmailing Scammer!

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Just one week ago, it sounded like Baby Girl Lisa Hamme was prepared to have Usman Umar's baby in a desperate bid to save their marriage.

If she did not, she feared, Usman would take a second wife who could bear children.

(Lisa is in her fifties -- we know that, in real life, her odds of a natural pregnancy were virtually infinitesimal)

Just one week later, and all of their plans to make things work have flown out the window.

On Tuesday, June 23, the troubled 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days couple both took to Instagram to let the other have it.

Lisa and Usman are both raging each other, accusing each other of being blackmailing scammers.

They both claim to have evidence to back their claims -- and we even get to see some of it, including a massive check sent to only one of them.

Who is telling the truth?

1. Things have gotten BAD

Things have gotten BAD
Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar's relationship was eye-catching from the start, with questions about their motives and age gap ... and some intense jealousy issues from Lisa that never seemed to be resolved.

2. But they did get married!

But they did get married!
Sure enough, the two of them wed in Nigeria, even though their underlying issues of Usman appearing to flirt with fans and Lisa's explosive jealousy issues were still very much a part of their relationship.

3. That wasn't all

That wasn't all
Lisa weathered a scandal during her season when she was exposed using racist and homophobic slurs on social media. No one should use those words, but it was particularly heinous to see a woman with a black husband use the literal worst slur in the world.

4. Then it got worse

Then it got worse
At the 90 Day Fiance Tell All, Usman brought up that Lisa had used the N-word -- specifically calling HIM the worst slur in the history of language.

5. That was huge

That was huge
While TLC very shadily did not air that revelation, 90 Day Fiance fans were very well aware of it, after hours and hours of raw footage accidentally leaked.

6. Even Shaun Robinson got involved

Even Shaun Robinson got involved
Tell All host Shaun was forced to address it when a fan brought up Lisa's repeated use of the N-word. Shaun replied that it was "being handled," stressing that she could not say more.

7. What does "handled" mean?

What does "handled" mean?
As 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates would go on to reveal, it meant that Lisa was fired from B90 Strikes Back, a new spinoff for which Lisa had already begun filming.

8. Lisa pitched a fit

Lisa pitched a fit
She insisted that she was being "silenced," posting multiple photos of herself wearing duct tape like a petulant teenager.

9. At least she still had Usman ...

At least she still had Usman ...
That now no longer seems to be the case. In fact, after weeks of very visible (even over social media) tension, Lisa and Usman both exploded at each other on Tuesday, June 23.

10. Here is Lisa's declaration

Here is Lisa's declaration
She says that all that Usman had to do was publicly grovel before her and beg for forgiveness, and everything would be fine. Instead, she declares, he is a wicked man who will never go to Paradise when he dies. WOW.

11. She says that Usman is "blackmailing" her

She says that Usman is "blackmailing" her
Lisa claims that Usman has been "blackmailing" her by threatening her with divorce ... and that he has been doing so since March of this year.

12. Usman had his own claims to make

Usman had his own claims to make
In a lengthy post, he objected to being called a scammer and reminded everyone of Lisa's true character.

13. Then he dropped this bombshell

Then he dropped this bombshell
Lisa had apparently withheld his portion of their Cameo money. Cameo is a service where reality stars record short, custom, personalized videos for fans in exchange for cash. And Lisa received a check for over $26,000.

14. Lisa chatted with Usman's manager

Lisa chatted with Usman's manager
Here, she laments how Usman cost her $10,000 -- presumably referring to what they might have gotten for B90 Strikes Back. If she is blaming Usman, she needs to look in the mirror, because she is the one who called hm the N-word. Revealing that someone did a bad thing does not make their consequences your fault.

15. And Usman's brother ...

And Usman's brother ...
According to Usman's brother, both Lisa and Usman are huge scammers. Lisa seems to think that this is some sort of vindication, but it's really not.

16. Did she really steal cash from him?

Did she really steal cash from him?
Their mutual accusations of "blackmail" sound like they have had a lot to do with dividing shared income, and Lisa may have received the check instead of Usman because she is American -- other 90 Day Fiance couples have had "issues" over how they are paid.

17. Lisa claims that she has paid him

Lisa claims that she has paid him
In fact, she says that she has made a lot of payments towards Usman.

18. She even has receipts

She even has receipts
Keep in mind that, like tweets and text messages and DMs, screenshots like this can be easily faked. But it looks like Lisa has transferred thousands of dollars to Usman, if only in small increments.

19. That is ... a huge mess

That is ... a huge mess
Money can drive a lot of couples apart, but rarely so early into a marriage. Then again, they are on separate continents and have a host of other issues that would have prevented a more sensible pair from walking down the aisle in the first place.

20. Who's right?

Who's right?
It's impossible to say with certainty whether Usman or Lisa is more honestly describing the situation, but our gut instinct is that they are both describing the situation as they see it. Many fans agree with Usman's brother -- that they are BOTH scammers.

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