90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After: Angela Deem Calls Off the Wedding! Again!

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? continues with Season 5, Episode 10.

Paul's ridiculous behavior leads to him briefly running after Karine, who does not want to speak to him.

Larissa and Eric make peace, but then she needs to meet with her attorney.

Colt and Jess somehow also make peace, but she-wolf Debbie isn't done stirring the pot.

Andrei actually apologizes to Elizabeth's family, but it's clearly not the end of it.

Asuelu goes by himself to talk to his family about their demands without Kalani present, but it does not go well.

And Angela is furious, storming off from Michael and telling him that the wedding is (once again) OFF!

Check out the end of our recap for the preview of next week where Asuelu's sister tries to physically hit Kalani.

1. Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
Angela and Michael are on their way to the marriage registry to get legal approval for their wedding.

2. She has misgivings

She has misgivings
Specifically, she insists that they do not need a "marriage counselor" because they "can't even counsel themselves." First of all, this is not a marriage counselor in that sense. Second of all, these two absolutely need a marriage counselor. Third of all? Literally the whole point of a standard marriage counselor is for couples who cannot counsel themselves.

3. Michael wants her on her best behavior

Michael wants her on her best behavior
Angela is an incredibly poorly behaved person (we cannot emphasize enough that no one should for any reason be treated like she has treated Michael), so her husband-to-be has to remind her to act like a human being and not like an angry cartoon monster in front of professionals.

4. Angela shares her backstory

Angela shares her backstory
She was first married at 17, which very much matches the vibe that she gives off. She was divorced a few years later, and says that Michael is the love of her life. It's unclear if the interviewers or the editors are the ones who skipped over other parts of her backstory, but whatever, let's move on.

5. There are three types of marriage

There are three types of marriage
Nigeria's 1999 constitution "recommends" three classifications for marriage. The first is a traditional Nigerian marriage, which allows for polygamy. The second is a Muslim marriage, which in Nigeria allows for polygamy.

6. The third is a simple legal marriage

The third is a simple legal marriage
This is the monogamist marriage that Angela seeks. (Note, if you google "LGBTQ+ rights in Nigeria" or anything along those lines, you will get very upsetting results, so the "one man, one woman" phrasing is no surprise)

7. Angela clarifies that Michael cannot have any "side chicks"

Angela clarifies that Michael cannot have any "side chicks"
This elicits a bit of a laugh from the registrars, one of whom then encourages Angela to, if she fears that Michael might stray, "satisfy him sexually."

8. Among other things

Among other things
Angela is told to make sure that his dinner is ready and that the bed is made neatly, which sounds like the job of a maid and not a spouse, followed by an assurance that this would lead to a husband never straying. (That's not actually how adultery works, but that sure is how blaming the spouse works)

9. Total submission of the heart

Total submission of the heart
Angela is encouraged to be submissive. She does her transparently fake smile through all of this.

10. Angela doesn't like any of that

Angela doesn't like any of that
It's understandable that Angela doesn't like hearing this. The thing is that she's not exactly a feminist icon -- for one thing, her treatment of Michael is unspeakably vile. For another, she keeps insisting that she respects Michael's culture ... but won't even accommodate Nigerian garb for their wedding, in Nigeria. Of course it wouldn't make sense for her to be his servant instead of his spouse, but one begins to wonder when the "respect for Michael's culture" will come into play.

11. Later, they meet up with Aunt Lydia

Later, they meet up with Aunt Lydia
Michael's aunt asks how things went with the registrar. Naturally, Angela brings up the "submission" guidelines.

12. Michael slips up

Michael slips up
He tells Angela that Nigerian culture will be part of their daily life as a married couple. He does not specify how. He is clearly saying this in front of his aunt to reassure her, though it's not working.

13. It backfires

It backfires
Angela of course approaches this with nuance and a rational mindset. Just kidding! Angela demands that Michael tell her whether he is lying to her or to his family about their dynamic.

14. His aunt tries to contribute

His aunt tries to contribute
She points out that Angela has known this time who Michael is and what his culture is. (Again, folks, it's totally reasonable to say "I'm not doing X" from the get-go, but Angela is not being reasonable)

15. "I'm done"

"I'm done"
Angela gets up and storms off, furious and barely coherent. This woman is a whirlwind of anger and cigarette smoke. After she leaves, Michael's aunt pleads with him to recognize that Angela will not magically become nice to him in America, that if anything, she will become worse.

16. "F--k this s--t"

"F--k this s--t"
Angela has once again called off the wedding. What a chaotic nightmare of a human being.

17. Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet

Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet
Elizabeth and Andrei go on a walk outside after Andrei's explosive and drunken misbehavior left Elizabeth feeling hurt and frustrated. Andrei and Charlie almost came to blows.

18. Andrei has apologized

Andrei has apologized
Apologizing to Elizabeth, Andrei comes to realize, is only the first step in fixing things.

19. He blames alcohol

He blames alcohol
Alcohol lowers inhibitions; it doesn't magically put words into your mouth. But Andrei's regrets are fairly one-sided.

20. He regrets insulting Chuck

He regrets insulting Chuck
Elizabeth's father -- who has downright begged him to take a job with his company, who has given them a place to stay and given them rent money when they moved out because Andrei didn't want to stay under Chuck's roof, is now paying for Elizabeth and Andrei's second wedding ... and Andrei went and insulted the guy. He is experiencing regret.

21. But he's ONLY sorry about Chuck

But he's ONLY sorry about Chuck
He's not sorry for what he said to Charlie. He felt that Charlie asked too many questions and was being deliberately confrontational.

22. Even so

Even so
Andrei does want to talk to Charlie, too. To Andrei's credit, he wants to make this right for Elizabeth.

23. Meanwhile

As we covered in our sneak peek last week, Elizabeth pops in to visit Chuck and Charlie at their swanky rental -- a place where she can drink wine and her father and brother can marvel in surprise at such a nice place being available for rent in Moldova. She explains to them that she wants everyone to be at peace.

24. Chuck and Charlie have their reservations

Chuck and Charlie have their reservations
Chuck even makes it clear that he might not pay for the wedding (of course he will), while Charlie reaffirms his commitment to learning the truth about Andrei. But they're still going to meet up with Andrei.

25. Andrei actually apologizes

Andrei actually apologizes
It's not the world's best apology and the Potthast boys admittedly dragged it out further than they needed to. It's a real shame that Charlie didn't match Andrei's apology. Andrei's behavior has been inexcusable but Charlie being a messy bro who lives for drama was part of the problem.

26. As for Andrei

As for Andrei
He makes it clear that this apology was really about Elizabeth. It's nice to be reminded that he does, sometimes, admit to caring about his wife's feelings.

27. Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols

Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols
Larissa has woken up the next day. She may be at Eric's but that does not mean that things are resolved. They need to talk things out.

29. Eric makes breakfast

Eric makes breakfast
The sheer size of that carton of eggs ... right, sorry, we need to focus. Anyway, they're talking things out.

30. Why did he say those things?

Why did he say those things?
Eric explains that he was venting and also saying whatever he could while looking for rebound hookups. Not an excuse, but definitely an explanation.

31. He should see Larissa's inexperience as a perk

He should see Larissa's inexperience as a perk
That's an odd way of looking at things. Someone isn't a "better" partner for having less experience with ... dare we say it ... weewees. But whatever.


Larissa notes that, previously, Eric is not the sort of person to apologize in relationships.

33. But now ...

But now ...
Eric has apologized to Larissa, officially, which she sees as a positive sign that they are both maturing.

34. In light of that

In light of that
Larissa confirms that she wants to stay with Eric, not just in a room in his house but as his girlfriend.

35. Awwww

She tells him that he's the person she loves the most in the entire US.

36. That said ...

That said ...
David should not meddle in their problems. Eric agrees. Honestly? Editors including so much stuff about David makes us wonder if this is foreshadowing.

37. Larissa even jokes about her trauma

Larissa even jokes about her trauma
Larissa, who by her own admission is not unreasonably afraid of police, jokes that they SHOULD call the police ... because Eric has stolen her heart. Deeply cheesy, but cute.

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