Kailyn Lowry Claps Back at Homophobic Fans Following Becky Hayter "Date"

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On Monday, we reported that Kailyn Lowry attended the wedding of Jo Rivera and Vee Torres over the weekend.

Kail's attendance signaled to many that she's matured to the point that she's able to put the past behind her and form a meaningful friendship with her ex, much to the benefit of the son they share.

Sadly, a handful of bigoted morons had to rain on the parade by attacking Kail for bringing Becky Hayter as her wedding date.

Fortunately, Kail's not the kind to take such abuse lying down ...

1. The Wedding Guests

The Wedding Guests
Kail brought her longtime friend Becky as her date to the wedding, and while there's nothing remotely unusual about that move, she's received an appalling amount of criticism as a result.

2. A Fine Time

A Fine Time
Kail and Becky seem to have had a wonderful time, and it looks as though all in attendance were genuinely happy for the bride and groom. So naturally, the worst people on the internet had to come along and spoil it.

3. Nothing But Love

Nothing But Love
Kail even took to Twitter to thank Becky for joining her on what was no doubt a very emotional day.

4. Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope
Most fans had only kind word for Kail and Becky, who's become something of a beloved Twitter persona in her own right.

5. 2018 Is Pretty Much a Toilet

2018 Is Pretty Much a Toilet
But because we live in a time in which ruining the happiness of others is a primary source of joy for a surprisingly large segment of the population, the Hayter haters quickly came out of the woodwork.

6. Where Have These People Been?

Where Have These People Been?
Yes, despite the fact that Becky has been a major part of Kailyn's life for several years, some of Lowry's followers were shocked -- SHOCKED! -- to see the Teen Mom 2 star attending an event in the presence of a woman.

7. Trolls Attack

Trolls Attack
Sadly, a handful of homophobes who object to same-sex relationships felt the need to voice their disapproval to Kail.

8. The Clapback

The Clapback
Fortunately, Kail was quick to shut them down like the absolute morons they are.

9. A Sad LOL

Obviously, there's nothing funny about this sort of rampant homophobia, but it is mildly amusing that so many people are upset about a non-existent couple.

10. Pay Attention, Folks

Pay Attention, Folks
Kail and Becky have both repeatedly made it clear over the years that they are not romantically involved.

11. In Case You Missed It

In Case You Missed It
"Everybody's fav couple who's not a couple," Kail tweeted on Monday, alongside one of the pics from the wedding.

12. Some Folks Just Don't Get It

Some Folks Just Don't Get It
Yes, despite the fact that Kail pre-emptively shut down the rumors with a joke, some folks still jumped to the conclusion that she and Becky are dating.

13. Twitter Will Drive You Nuts

Twitter Will Drive You Nuts
And for reasons that make sense to absolutely no one, some of the people who jumped to that conclusion are very pissed off by it.

14. How Many Times Do They Have to Say This?

How Many Times Do They Have to Say This?
Just last year, Becky took to Twitter to decisively shut down the rumor that she and Kail are anything more than just friends.

15. Becky Makes It Clear

Becky Makes It Clear
"You all need to get more creative with these DM’s. At least send something funny like a joke or meme. The heart eyes and the 'Are you and Kail dating' get old," Hayter wrote.

16. Raining On Her Parade

Raining On Her Parade
And apparently, Kail's attendance at the wedding was criticized for reasons that go beyond her choice of companion.

17. Bitter Kail?

Bitter Kail?
Yes, it seems many fans really want to Lowry to be angry over the fact that her ex from several years ago has found happiness.

18. Not the Case

Not the Case
But because she's a mentally healthy grownup, she doesn't actually feel that way,

19. Just Another Day

Just Another Day
In all likelihood, Kail will continue to attract this kind of negative attention for as long as she appears on TM2. Fortunately, it seems she's well-equipped to handle it.

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