Jinger Duggar Asserts Her Independence: I'm a Vuolo Now!

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At this point, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are certainly no strangers to watching their kids leave the nest.

But none of the Duggar offspring has flown quite as far as Jinger Duggar.

After marrying Jeremy Vuolo back in 2016, Jinger moved with her husband to Laredo, Texas.

And just as the Duggars feared, she's strayed from many of the ultra-conservative beliefs she was raised with --  a fact that's evidenced in some recent photos of Jinger ...

1. Jinger and the Vuolos

Jinger and the Vuolos
Jinger's in-laws recently paid her a visit, and it looks as though she and Jeremy thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.

2. Felicity Pics

Felicity Pics
The visit yielded some new pics of Jinger and Jeremy's daughter, Felicity, as the infant enjoyed some quality time with her other grandma and grandpa.

3. Felicity and Grandpa

Felicity and Grandpa
Fans gushed over photos of Felicity with Jeremy's parents -- and she's not the only member of the Vuolo clan that attracted rave reviews.

4. Twinsies

Okay, Jeremy and Charles Vuolo aren't actually twins, but fans were impressed by the similarity in their appearance.

5. Matchmaking

And now, there's a strong push for Jinger to introduce Charles to her single sister, Jana.

6. Charles In Charge

Charles In Charge
"Is his brother single?" asked one fan. "You need to direct Jeremy's brother in the direction of Jana lol," commented another.

7. Jinger In the Spotlight

Jinger In the Spotlight
But it was Jinger who drew the most positive reactions from fans, many of whom were enamored of her outfit.

8. A Precedent

A Precedent
It's not the first time that Jinger wore clothing that her family might consider a bit too modern while spending time with the Vuolos.


"JINGER your outfit is EVERYTHING!!!" one fan commented on the latest pic. Might be a bit of an exaggeration, but we see their point.

10. Knees, Please

Knees, Please
"I love the dress!! Rock those knees!!!!" commented another fan. The fixation on the length of Jinger's skirt might seem a bit odd ... and frankly, it is.

11. An Act of Rebellion

But it helps if you understand the strict dress code that Jinger was forced to abide by in her younger years.

12. The Pants Dance

The Pants Dance
Shortly after she married Jeremy, Jinger began wearing pants. Growing up, Jinger and her sisters were forced to wear long skirts at all times.

13. Leading By Example

Leading By Example
Jinger flaunted her new style on social media, and eventually, some of her married sisters followed her example.

14. Freedom For ... Some

Freedom For ... Some
Sadly, Jinger's unmarried sisters are still not allowed to decide for themselves what sort of clothing they'd like to wear.

15. Subtle Defiance

Subtle Defiance
Jinger's acts of rebellion have always been relatively low-key, almost like coded messages to her social media followers.

16. Giving Us a Sign?

Giving Us a Sign?
So it stands to reason that when Jinger wears a short skirt in the presence of her in-laws, some fans will take it as an indication that she now considers herself more Vuolo than Duggar.

17. Reading Too Much Into This?

Reading Too Much Into This?
Obviously, that's a bit of a leap, but on the other hand, Jinger posted this pic knowing that fans would interpret it that way.

18. Blazing Her Own Trail

Blazing Her Own Trail
Either way, Jinger is clearly intent on forging her own path through life -- with the help of her loving husband and daughter of course.

19. Breaking Away

Breaking Away
Jinger might not have totally broken free from the often-oppressive environment in which she was raised, but she's proven to girls and young women raised in ultra-strict households that they can be themselves as adults -- and in many cases, their parents will grow to accept it.

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