Kailyn Lowry Attends Jo Rivera's Wedding ... With Surprise Date!

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Family means different things for different people.

For Kailyn Lowry, it means maintaining friendly relationships with the three men who fathered her sons ... and remaining involved in their lives, even as they move on with new partners.

And it was in that spirit that Kail attended the wedding of her first baby daddy, Jo Rivera, over the weekend.

Jo and Kail have been friendly for years, so it's no surprise she was invited -- but some fans were caught off guard by her choice of companion ...


1. A Different Kind of Happy Family

A Different Kind of Happy Family
Kailyn, Jo, and their eldest son, Isaac, all posed for pics and seemed to enjoy themselves immensely as Rivera exchanged vows with his longtime girlfriend, Vee Torres.

2. Kail and Isaac

Kail and Isaac
Isaac was in the wedding, of course, and Kail seemed genuinely happy for her ex and his new bride in the pics she posted.

3. A New Day

A New Day
Kail posed with the bride and groom throughout the night, but she also made plenty of time to party with her wedding date ...

4. Kail and Becky

Kail and Becky
Kail attended the ceremony and reception with her longtime friend Becky Hayter. For reasons that aren't quite clear, some fans seemed surprised by Lowry's choice of date.

5. Becky and Her Bestie

Becky and Her Bestie
Kail and Becky have been close friends for years, and despite persistent rumors to the contrary, there doesn't seem to be a romantic component to their relationship.

6. Attacked By Trolls

Attacked By Trolls
Even so, the bigoted morons came out in full force to give Kail a hard time about ... attending an event in the company of another woman?

7. Love For Hayter

Love For Hayter
Becky and Kail have both had sexual relationships with women, so apparently, the sight of the two of them in the same room is enough for thousands to jump to the conclusion that they're dating.

8. Haters Gonna Hate Hayter

Haters Gonna Hate Hayter
And because the internet is a cesspool of hate and prejudice, many were quick to express their disapproval of this imagined romance.

9. Good Times

Good Times
Fortunately, it sounds as though Kail and Becky didn't allow all that negativity to ruin their good time.

10. Champagne Dreams

Champagne Dreams
Even fans on social media -- ya know, the ones who aren't hateful jackasses -- expressed envy over what a good time Kail and Becky seemed to be having.

11. The Most Hated On

The Most Hated On
Believe it or not, Kail took flak not only for bringing Becky as her date, but also for attending the wedding at all!

12. Kail and Jo Go Waaaaay Back!

Kail and Jo Go Waaaaay Back!
Despite the fact that Kail and Jo have gone to great lengths to maintain a mutually amicable co-parenting relationship, some TM2 viewers remain inexplicably shocked that they're friends.

13. Kail: Not Bitter

Kail: Not Bitter
Yes, Lowry was actually forced to defend her decision to be happy for her ex and his new wife.

14. They've Been Through a Lot

They've Been Through a Lot
Jo has been a part of Kail's life since her early days on 16 & Pregnant. When her own family failed to offer her support, the Riveras took Kail in.

15. Hard Times

Hard Times
Of course, it wasn't always smooth sailing for these two. They parted ways shortly after Isaac was born in 2010, and they were often at odds in the years that followed.

16. The Rough Patch

The Rough Patch
“Jo and I hated each others’ guts … we were not good friends [and] we barely co-parented,” she told MTV News in 2017.

17. Better Days

Better Days
“Now we’re best friends — I can tell him anything. I can call him, and we can switch weekends easily or if I need him to grab Isaac from school. We are so good now," she added.

18. A Twisty Path to Happiness

A Twisty Path to Happiness
Kail's road to contentment may not be quite what she imagined, but in the end, everything seems to have worked out in her favor.

19. In Good Hands

In Good Hands
And while -- as a single mom -- Kail might spend most of her time providing for others, these days she enjoys the support of a strong and ever-growing network of friends, family, and adoring fans.

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