Kailyn Lowry on Jenelle Evans: She'll Always Be the Worst!

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For years now, the Kailyn Lowry-Jenelle Evans feud has alternately amused and infuriated Teen Mom 2 fans,

Basically, it's infuriating when Jenelle sees fit to talk trash about Kail and amusing when Kail claps back.

But as frustrating as the whole thing can be at times, feuds are pretty much what makes the Teen Mom world turn these days.

So both fans and producers are probably pleased by Lowry's revelation that this beef will never expire.

Take a look:

1. Former Friends

Former Friends
Sometimes, the closest friendships give rise to the most bitter feuds.

2. But Not In This Case ...

But Not In This Case ...
Okay, so maybe Kail and Jenelle were never the closest of friends, but there was a time when they got along pretty well.

3. Those Days Are Done

Those Days Are Done
These days, Jenelle and Kail find it impossible to even be civil toward one another.

4. In Fairness ...

In Fairness ...
Although, to be fair, just about everyone finds it impossible to be civil toward Jenelle.

5. Always Stirring the Pot

Always Stirring the Pot
It's impossible to list the many ways in which Jenelle has done Kail dirty over the years.

6. We'll Keep It Recent

We'll Keep It Recent
The latest example, of course, is when Jenelle and her mother laughed about Barbara Evans' desire to "kill Kail" during an Instagram Live session.

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