Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Welcome Baby Girl!!!

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It's a big day in the Teen Mom world!

Yep, the franchise just welcomed its newest cast member ...

Because Catelynn just had her baby!

This morning, a brand new Baltierra was born, and you know you want to know every last little detail about this kid.

So let's get into it!

1. Big News!

Big News!
What a special day, huh, friends?

2. Birthday!

From here on out, February 21st will forever be known as the day that the third child born from Catelynn and Tyler's love entered the world.

3. The First

The First
There's Carly, the child they had in their 16 & Pregnant episode, the one they placed for adoption.

4. The Second

The Second
And Nova, of course, their four-year-old precious little girl.

5. The Third!

The Third!
And now there's one more girl to add to the gang!

6. Hooray!

What a special, happy occasion this is, right?

7. Well ...

Well ...
It's almost enough to make you forget the hardships that came before today.

8. So Sad

So Sad
It's hard to think about this birth without thinking of everything that led to the pregnancy -- Catelynn's miscarriage and her subsequent stays in rehab.

9. Hard Times

Hard Times
And then, of course, there was Tyler and the way he seemed totally done with Cate when it became clear to him that she wasn't taking her recovery, and her time away from her family, seriously.

10. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
There was a time when it seemed like they were very close to divorce -- on Teen Mom OG, we saw Tyler tell his friends that marriage was "a bitch," and that he felt like she wasn't taking care of his needs at all.

11. Oh No

Oh No
He even told his father that he kind of wishes he was able to get with other women.

12. Dang

Basically, he had one foot out the door, and he was very clear about that.

13. What a Turn of Events

What a Turn of Events
And then she got pregnant.

14. Harsh?

Tyler said many times that the pregnancy was unplanned, and that they were doing everything in their power to prevent it from happening, but obviously these two are extremely fertile, so oops, it happened anyway

15. Oh Tyler ...

Oh Tyler ...
He also said many times that the pregnancy didn't change anything, and that he was still very, very unhappy in the marriage.

16. Separated!

Things were so bad that he requested a separation, and so they spent at least a month living in different homes.

17. Weird!

But eventually they reunited, and from what they'd have us believe on social media, their bond is as strong as ever.

18. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
Many Teen Mom fans still think that a divorce isn't far off, or at the very least that Tyler is still not happy.


But, his feelings about Cate aside, he's obviously just smitten with his brand new little girl.

20. The Good News!

The Good News!
This morning, Tyler posted this on Instagram, letting the world know that the baby is here!

21. Awww!

"She’s here & I’m in love!" he captioned the photo.

22. The Details

The Details
From Tyler's photo, we can see that nurses wrote "Happy, healthy Mom & Baby," which is definitely great news.

23. Size?

She's six pounds, four ounces, and she's nearly 20 inches long.

24. Interesting

But what's that we see up in the "Newborn Name" slot? Something that starts with a V?

25. Where's Tezlee?!

Where's Tezlee?!
A few months ago in an episode of Teen Mom OG, we saw that they'd decided on the name Tezlee, and lots of people had lots of opinions about it.

26. Sorry!

And that's because Tezlee is a terrible name and no human should have the burden of having it.

27. Oh Good!

Oh Good!
Thankfully they reconsidered, and they told Us Weekly that their new baby's name is Vaeda Luma.

28. Welcome, Vaeda!

Welcome, Vaeda!
That's honestly just miles better, right? Vaeda is a lovely name!

29. That's All!

That's All!
So far that's all we know -- we don't have anymore details, and no pictures of Vaeda yet!

30. All That Matters

All That Matters
But she's here, we know her name and that she and Cate are both happy and doing well. What more could we ask for?

31. Yay!

Congrats, Baltierras!

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