Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Welcome Baby Girl!!!

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It's a big day in the Teen Mom world!

Yep, the franchise just welcomed its newest cast member ...

Because Catelynn just had her baby!

This morning, a brand new Baltierra was born, and you know you want to know every last little detail about this kid.

So let's get into it!

1. Big News!

Big News!
What a special day, huh, friends?

2. Birthday!

From here on out, February 21st will forever be known as the day that the third child born from Catelynn and Tyler's love entered the world.

3. The First

The First
There's Carly, the child they had in their 16 & Pregnant episode, the one they placed for adoption.

4. The Second

The Second
And Nova, of course, their four-year-old precious little girl.

5. The Third!

The Third!
And now there's one more girl to add to the gang!

6. Hooray!

What a special, happy occasion this is, right?

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Catelynn Lowell is an original cast member on Teen Mom. She and her fiance, Tyler Baltierra, gave up their baby in 2009 for adoption.... More »
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