Kailyn Lowry to Jenelle Evans: No One Cares About You!

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Last week, the world learned that Jenelle Evans is homeschooling her stepdaughter Maryssa.

We probably don't need to tell you that Teen Mom 2 fans had a field day with this information.

Among the most vocal critics was Jenelle's co-star Kailyn Evans, who openly shared the opinion of fans who felt Jenelle is not smart enough for such a venture.

Naturally, Jenelle pushed back against Kail's criticism as only she can.

But that as The Ashley's Reality Roundup points out, that hasn't stopped Ms. Lowry from doubling down on her opinion while discussing the matter on her podcast this week.

Needless to say, we don't think Jenelle is gonna love what Kail had to say this time around ...

1. It's War

It's War
It's been years since Jenelle and Kailyn have gotten along, and in recent weeks, the cold war between the co-stars has heated up in a major way.

2. The Latest

The Latest
The most recent shade-throwing has to do with Kail publicly questioning Jenelle's intelligence. You'd think Evans would be used to that sort of thing after a decade of sounding like a dumbass on national TV ...

3. Pod People

Pod People
Jenelle apparently caught wind of the fact that (like all the stars of the Teen Mom franchise) she's occasionally a topic of discussion on Kail's Coffee Convos podcast.

4. The Clapback

The Clapback
Jenelle responded to Kail's podcast (which she admittedly hasn't listened to) by firing off a bizarre tweet and inexplicably dragging her stepdaughter into the fray.

5. The Purest of BS

The Purest of BS
“While you’re over here podcasting away, tweeting pure bullsh-t about me, or posting #FakeNews… I’ll be over here homeschooling my stepdaughter and minding my business,” Evans wrote.

6. Kail Sounds Off

Kail Sounds Off
Lorwy retweeted a fan who joked that Jenelle is "dumb a brick" and shouldn't be trusted to homeschool anyone. But it was on the latest episode of her podcast that Kail really made her feelings known ...

7. Come Again?

Come Again?
Jenelle apparently believes that she's a "constant" subject of conversation on Kail's podcast -- the podcast thast she's never listened to, of course -- so Kail decided to put the Carolina Hurricane in her place.

8. Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air
“I guess, here and there, we mention Jenelle on the podcast,” Kail told co-host Lindsie Chrisley on a recent episode.

9. No Harping

No Harping
“Personally, I feel like we discuss it and we move the f--k on," Kail added. "I don’t feel like we harp on it. If it’s something in the news, we talk about it, and that’s that.”

10. Hammering Her Point Home

Hammering Her Point Home
Last week, Jenelle went on the record yet again, insisting that she's never listened to Kail's podcast.

11. Jenelle Is Angry ... Always

Jenelle Is Angry ... Always
“I have better things to do than listen to anyone’s podcasts, lol. It’s not my thing,” Evans tweeted.

12. No Lines of Communication

No Lines of Communication
On top of that, Jenelle has Kail blocked on all social media platforms. And that means there's pretty much no way for these two to communicate directly anymore.

13. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
Kail says she's perfectly fine with that arrangement, as she only discusses Jenelle when the volatile mother of three makes headlines with her erratic behavior.

14. Kail's Version

Kail's Version
“I don’t care about Jenelle or what she does,” Kail said on Coffee Convos. “If she’s making headlines, and we talk about it, that’s really it. I’m not sure why she continues to tweet about me.

15. Jenelle Had It Coming

Jenelle Had It Coming
"Both of us keep [the feud] going," Lowry continued, "but you can’t sit there and say that I can’t say stuff about you on the podcast, when you’re making these crazy videos, you’re doing… whatever you’re doing that’s obviously making headlines, so we’re going to talk about it."

16. Twerking Out

The video Kail is referring to is this one, which shows Jenelle twerking by the side of the road in front of her kids. For obvious reasons, it elicited quite a few "WTF?!" reactions from fans.

17. Don't Push Kail

Don't Push Kail
Kail says that at the end of the day, she's gone pretty easy on Jenelle. And indeed, her comments about her co-star have pretty mild in comparison to the trash that Evans has talked.

18. A Tentative Peace Offering

A Tentative Peace Offering
“I also do try not to talk about people’s kids, and I’m not against homeschooling,” Kail went on to say. “However, I don’t know that Jenelle is in a place where she should be homeschooling anybody.”

19. Don't Go Getting Comfortable, Jenelle

Don't Go Getting Comfortable, Jenelle
Kail seems to want to keep things civil, but she's also willing to throw down if need be. “If she really wants me to talk about her … I can really, really rip into her. But I don’t because I really don’t give that much of a f-ck,"she said. You might want to just walk away from this one, Jenelle.

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