Teen Mom OG Season 8 Preview: Do the Original Girls Still Hate the New Moms?

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Are you ready for new challenges?

New battles?

And, oh, right, new Teen Moms?!?

MTV has unveiled the first extended trailer for Teen Mom OG Season 8... and it will feature two mothers who are not exactly originals.

But they do promise to bring with them brand new drama and interest.

One is Bristol Palin, the daughter of former Vice President Sarah Palin.

The other is Cheyenne Floyd, an ex-MTV personality who is already stirring up controversy with fans.

Already, the OGs aren't fans of their new castmates, but fans are eager to see how a pair of new moms will fit in on MTV's flagship series.

So far, it seems one thing is for sure -- we're in for a hell of a dramatic reunion special.

Get to know these ladies a bit better in the following trailer and then check out a slew of images from the season ahead:

1. Teen Mom OG Trailer: Are You Happy in Your Marriage?

Ready for a whole new season of Teen Mom OG? With two brand new stars? Check out this promo.

2. Amber and Andrew on Season 8

Amber and Andrew on Season 8
In the first of many photos ahead from Season 8, we see Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon on their couch at home, taking a break from some parenting.

3. But Tough Times Will Be Ahead

But Tough Times Will Be Ahead
Amber looks a little to a lot stressed in this Season 8 scene, doesn't she?

4. Pregnant Amber!

Pregnant Amber!
Amber is no longer expecting, of course. But remember that Season 8 was filmed months ago.

5. Here's the Child!

Here's the Child!
Welcome, James! Amber cradles her newborn son in this Season 8 image. How cute!

6. Check Out Little James

Check Out Little James
He's a precious tiny child. We're so happy for Amber and Andrew.

7. A Concerned Maci

A Concerned Maci
Maci Bookout will still be dealing with Ryan Edwards on Season 8. The promo teases the star thinking about calling the cops on her ex.

8. Taylor McKinney Gets a Word In

Taylor McKinney Gets a Word In
Taylor McKinney is talking to an unpictured Maci in this scene, discussing what they ought to do about Ryan in their life.

9. Let's Eat!

Let's Eat!
We love this precious look at Tyler Baltierra having some breakfast... with a very special guest.

10. A Smile for Catelynn

A Smile for Catelynn
Happy times are hopefully here to stay. So Catelynn must be thinking in this picture, right? Especially when you consider all she has gone through of late.

11. Look Who's Arrived!

Look Who's Arrived!
It's Bristol Palin! In the preview, she says that the PTSD plaguing her husband is negatively affecting her family.

12. Palins on the Red Carpet

Palins on the Red Carpet
Bristol and her very famous mother will BOTH be appearing, just to be clear. They often make red carpet appearances together.

13. Yup, It's Sarah Palin

Yup, It's Sarah Palin
On the season premiere, we'll be seeing Bristol talking to her mom about her decision to join this MTV franchise.

14. Talking to Her Mom

Talking to Her Mom
I plan on being a role model and on taking viewers inside the life of someone such as me, Bristol is telling her mom in this scene.

15. Bristol and 2 Kids

Bristol and 2 Kids
Bristol has three kids. She's sitting here with two of them, giving Teen Mom fans a look at her typically-private existence.

16. Tears from Bristol

Tears from Bristol
Bristol needs a moment here. She is thinking about life with now-ex-husband Dakota Meyer, as the couple has filed for divorce.

17. Chillin at Home

Chillin at Home
Bristol is just sitting around her table at home in this snapshot, giving fans that aforementioned glimpse at her everyday existence.

18. What About Cheyenne Floyd?

What About Cheyenne Floyd?
Here she is, holding daughter Ryder. Floyd is NOT with Ryder's father, Cory Wharton. But he WILL be appearing on Season 8.

19. Speaking of Cory...

Speaking of Cory...
He actually didn't know about Ryder until the little girl was six months old. Things were rough there for a bit. But he and Floyd are now on strong terms.

20. This is Zach

This is Zach
He is Floyd's boyfriend on the show and he'll be dealing with questions from Cory over how much he acts as a father to Ryder. Awkward stuff.

21. Cheyenne and Family

Cheyenne and Family
Cheyenne, Ryder and Wharton do spend a lot of time together as a family. Here they are at a child's gym class, for example.

22. Tears from Floyd

Tears from Floyd
We're sensing a bit of a theme here, as Floyd, like Bristol before her, will also shed tears on Season 8 over an ongoing romantic situation.

23. Who Will We NOT Be Seeing on Season 8?

Who Will We NOT Be Seeing on Season 8?
Farrah Abraham. She was canned back in February because she kept taking part in amateur pornography shoots. That silly Farrah.

24. Mackenzie Standifer and Edwards

Mackenzie Standifer and Edwards
Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards also quit following last season. We can't say they'll be missed very much, can you?

25. When Does Season 8 Premiere?

When Does Season 8 Premiere?
Not soon enough! But we guess October 1 isn't all THAT far away, is it?

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