Kailyn Lowry: I'm "Back Together" with Chris Lopez!

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Look, we know, alright?

We know there's a story nearly every other week about Kailyn Lowry getting back together with Chris Lopez.

Heck, we're guilty of running a handful of these rumor-based articles ourselves here at The Hollywood Gossip.

But we're not the ones alleging that Lowry has rekindled her romance with her third baby daddy, not this time around.

Instead, we're simply quoting a very reliable source when it comes to all things Kailyn Lowry: the Teen Mom star herself!

What did Kailyn just come out and say about this on-again/off-again relationship? And what does it have to do with the couple's son, Lux?

Scroll down to find out!

1. Happy Birthday to Lux!

Happy Birthday to Lux!
Kailyn's third child just turned two years old, and his mom hosted a big birthday party for him, a photo from which you can see above.

2. So Darn Cute!

So Darn Cute!
"2 parties for 2 years," wrote Lowry as a caption to these images. "happy birthday to my favorite toddler! Such a great weekend celebrating you, @theluxrussell."

3. Enter Lopez

Enter Lopez
Just as was the case with Lux's first birthday, Lopez was present for this celebration.

4. We're Back Together!

We're Back Together!
This shouldn't be a big deal, a father attending the party of his son. But Kailyn is the one who wrote "back together" as a caption to the photo on Twitter.

5. What is the Deal with These Two?!?

What is the Deal with These Two?!?
Chris and Kailyn weren't all that serious of an item when they made love and created Lux, about two years and nine months ago. But there are clearly feelings at play here.

6. Chris Just Took a Vacation with Kailyn, For Example

Chris Just Took a Vacation with Kailyn, For Example
The two were spotted on a fun family trip to Hawaii just this past July.

7. Does This Make Them an Official Couple Again?

Does This Make Them an Official Couple Again?
We're gonna go ahead and just say yes, although the status is subject to change at any time.

8. And Lowry Knows As Much

And Lowry Knows As Much
The long-time MTV personality broke down to a friend in a March episode of Teen Mom 2 in regard the mixed signals she was getting from the father of her youngest child.

9. This is What She Said at the Time:

This is What She Said at the Time:
Within the next year, if we’re still doing this, I’m not gonna do it anymore. I’m getting to the point where, eventually, I want to be with someone and raise my kids with someone and have a life together and do all that because I do get so emotional and lonely."

10. HOWEVER...

... loneliness is not a reason to settle, Kailyn added: "I don’t want to love because I’m lonely, but I see all my mom friends are married, and here I am. Why can’t [Chris] commit to me?"

11. Things Went Downhill from There

Things Went Downhill from There
In April, the mother of three told People Magazine that things with her and Lopez were "horrible."

12. Darn, That's Too Bad

Darn, That's Too Bad
"I don't have any expectations whatsoever," she told this publication back then. "I literally don't even know what to think at this point. I can't change his mind. I've walked in my truth."

13. Some Candid Feelings

Some Candid Feelings
“I believe Lux’s dad was my first true love…I know, weird, when I had two kids with two other people,” Lowry said in June 2018, surprising fans with how strongly she felt about Lopez.

14. Hope is Lost

Hope is Lost
Lowry added this spring she's no longer holding out for commitment on Lopez's side, admitting: "I've ruined other relationships for him and then it didn't work out. So at this point, I can't convince him of what he's done to me. I've stuck around long enough."

15. But That was Then

But That was Then
And now? Things have seemingly changed for the better.

16. What Does the Future Hold for These Two?

What Does the Future Hold for These Two?
We have no clue, but let's pause to give them props... because Lopez and Lowry do seem to put the interests of their son above all else.

17. Bravo to the Parents

Bravo to the Parents
And what a cute son he is! Kailyn Lowry shared this photo on Twitter in August of 2019.

18. Here's Another Recent Snapshot:

Here's Another Recent Snapshot:
What a great smile, right?

19. A Big Family

A Big Family
Lowry is also mother to sons Isaac, 9, with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera; and Lincoln, 4, with ex-husband Javi Marroquin.

20. She Has a Spotty History with Men

She Has a Spotty History with Men
To her credit, however, she has a sterling history with her little men. She really does seem to be a devoted mother.

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