Kailyn Lowry: Sorry I Was a Total Piece of S--t This Week on Teen Mom 2. My Bad Y'all!

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Oops, everyone.

Kailyn Lowry's bad!

On the latest episode of Teen Mom 2, this veteran cast member was not exactly on her best behavior, as Kailyn found herself embroiled in a child support battle with Jo Rivera.

(The exes share a son named Isaac.)

How did Lowry react to this situation? And why did she feel a need to jump on Twitter after the episode to apologize?

Scroll down for a full rundown!

1. Kailyn vs. Jo

Kailyn vs. Jo
Here's a refresher on where things have stood between the exes: Isaac is nine years old. Since he was a mere eight months old, Jo Rivera has been making child support payments of $475 per month.

2. But Rivera is Ready for a Change

But Rivera is Ready for a Change
Not only does he want to stop paying Lowry, he thinks Lowry should pay HIM $1,000 per month in child support because she's now raking it in and making more income than he is - at least according to him.

3. Jo's Justification

Jo's Justification
"For the past eight years, she's had her hand around my throat, pushing me down under the f--king water and just holding me there," Rivera told his wife Vee Torres of Kailyn. "At this point, I'm entitled to something for this past year of me paying and I'm entitled to the help. I feel like I do need some help."

4. Kailyn Was PISSED

Kailyn Was PISSED
Suffice it to say, she didn't see things the same way. Speaking to her friend Becky about Rivera's demands, she went off on her ex as follows: "Just because I make more and you can get it, doesn't mean that that makes it right. I want to see what the expenses truly are. Maybe he thinks that I'm making millions, but I sure as f--k wouldn't be living in the house I live in, driving a Suburban if I made millions!"

5. Things Get Ugly

Things Get Ugly
We ended last week's episode with Kailyn learning Jo wants back pay and that she would have to shell out $2,300 per month if his request for approved, prompting her to lash out once again: "For me, that's greedy and that's selfish and I don't really have anything to say to you, so go f--k yourself and all I can do is hope that the judge sees that." Damn.

6. So... Things Brings Us to the Latest Episode

So... Things Brings Us to the Latest Episode
The Teen Mom 2 tandem found themselves barely on speaking terms. Kailyn and Jo both attended Isaac's basketball practice this week, but refused to speak to each other at the event.

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