Kailyn Lowry: How She Became the Most Bullied Teen Mom in History

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With the possible exception of Chelsea Houska, no one in the Teen Mom universe has been totally free of criticism from judgemental fans.

(Even Chelsea has probably been the subject of some errant trash-talk, but she's by far the most successful cast member in terms of avoiding online pettiness.)

Among fans, there's some debate over who is the most hated Teen Mom.

Some say it's mother of one and noted sex tape star Farrah Abraham.

Other say it's mother of three and renowned jailbird Jenelle Evans.

But Kailyn Lowry says she's the most bullied and heavily-criticized of all the moms -- and she claims to know exactly why that is:


1. Kail on Her Grind

Kail on Her Grind
Kailyn is by far the busiest of the Teen Moms. Not only is she a reality star and single mom, she's also a podcast host, bestselling author, and trend-setting social media personality.

2. A Mixed Response

A Mixed Response
The success of her various side-projects is certainly a testament to Kail's popularity, but her ambition has also made her a subject of scorn among critics.

3. A Tired Critique

A Tired Critique
Sadly, one of the most common arguments lobbed at Kail is that she should be spending less time on her career and more time with her kids. It's a complaint that's unfortunately familiar to many ambitious moms.

4. Easily Deflected

Easily Deflected
Thankfully, Kail's loyal fans are quick to point out to her haters that as a single mother of three, Ms. Lowry has little choice but to stay on her grind. There are no vanity projects in Kail's world, as all that work is the ultimate gesture of love.

5. The Hits Keep Coming

The Hits Keep Coming
Unlike critics of Farrah or Jenelle, however, Kail's assailants don't seem to focus on any one aspect of her life.

6. A Plea For Human Decency

A Plea For Human Decency
Lowry recently opened up about the onslaught of trash talk she faces on a daily basis in a remarkably candid and rather heartbreaking interview.

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