Lauren Comeau: Pregnant with Javi Marroquin's Baby!!! [New Details]

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So much for that Javi Marroquin-Briana DeJesus-Kailyn Lowry love triangle.

The latest episodes of Teen Mom 2 may be focusing on the contentious relationship between these three stars, but a stunning new report makes it apparent that Javi has moved on from both Briana and Kailyn.

Yes, we already knew that Marroquin had jumped back into bed with former girlfriend Lauren Comeau.

But is he really about to place a baby into a crib with her as well?


A pair of very, very reliable sources have an answer to this questiob below...

1. It Will Be a Boy... Or a Girl!

It Will Be a Boy... Or a Girl!
We'll just come right out with the exciting news right up front: Marroquin wrote "blessings on top of blessings" as the caption to a photo of him cradling his girlfriend's baby bump. Doesn't get much more straightforward than that, does it?

2. Okay, Maybe It Does Get More Straightforward:

Okay, Maybe It Does Get More Straightforward:
"Sometimes life's biggest blessings come in the smallest packages. Baby Marroquin coming soon!" wrote Comeau on her Facebook page, seemingly erasing all doubt about a baby being on the way for the couple.

3. The Announcement Photo

The Announcement Photo
Here it is, folks! The photo Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau used to confirm they are expecting a baby!

4. Added Javi in Making This Announcement:

Added Javi in Making This Announcement:
"Been kinda quiet lately for many reasons. I was sad I couldn't share the good news because I was afraid of what people would say. The amount of love I've received is so overwhelming and so appreciated. I realized No negative comment will take this moment away from us."

5. And Also:

And Also:
"Gonna go on a little hiatus from social media to take all this in and enjoy it with my family and loved ones. For those sending love, thank you! We appreciate it. And to you @lauren3elizabeth thank you for blessing me with another child. We are gonna be amazing parents together."

6. Who the Heck is Lauren Comeau?!?

Who the Heck is Lauren Comeau?!?
We know, right?!? Javi has been linked for years with Lowry, of course, because the two were married and have a son together. From there, he controversially dated fellow Teen Mom 2 star DeJesus.

7. But He Has a History with Comeau, Too

But He Has a History with Comeau, Too
Javi and Lauren pair reportedly started dating in July of 2017 after meeting at a wedding. The duo ended their relationship in September because they lived in different cities.

8. Or Did Javi Cheat on Her?

Or Did Javi Cheat on Her?
This has been a long-gestating rumor, and it's never really been denied by Marroquin or by Comeau.

9. This Time is Different, Though!

This Time is Different, Though!
So Marroquin has vowed. "I want to do things differently," Marroquin told Radar Online in mid-March of 2018 after he got back together with Comeau. "I just want to enjoy it. She's the only girl that’s been on no TV. It's just real stuff. "

10. And Lauren Agrees

And Lauren Agrees
On March 14, she posted the above picture of her and Javi, writing as a caption to it: "Sometimes, two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together."

11. The Romance Has Clearly Been Going Strong

The Romance Has Clearly Been Going Strong
"I'll travel world with you, not once but twice. The closer i get to you the more it feels like paradise," wrote Javi alongisde this photo on Instagram.

12. But Still... A Baby?!?

But Still... A Baby?!?
We're stunned by this news, but perhaps we should have seen it coming. Consider the comments left by both Lauren and Javi on this photo. "So many good things coming," huh, Javi?!?

13. Did Kailyn Lowry Know About This?!?

Did Kailyn Lowry Know About This?!?
In the Radar Online article that broke this news, the website quotes Lowry, who says she "knew" about the pregnancy already and "I wish them the best."

14. Does She Mean It?

Does She Mean It?
Maybe. Possibly. Who the heck knows when it comes to these two?!? Kailyn has talked for months as if she's over Marroquin, but there's also been chatter that the pair sort of recently hooked up.

15. These Two Have a Unique Bond

These Two Have a Unique Bond
That's for sure. Here is what Marroquin said about Lowry on her podcast: "A lot happened between us in the past. On my behalf, I've moved on from all of that. I'm in a lot better place than I was when all of that was happening. We have the weirdest relationship in the world. We can't even explain it to anybody because it's me, Kail and the boys."

16. Et Tu, Briana?

Et Tu, Briana?
Briana has not directly addressed this strong rumor, but might this Tweet be related to it? She posted this message right around the time the news broke.

17. Laughing Her... Rear End Off?

Laughing Her... Rear End Off?
DeJesus may also be referring to Javi in this Tweet, which makes it appear as if she's totally cool with the Javi-Lauren development... but may she just be masking her real feelings about it?

18. Briana Speaks!

Briana Speaks!
Shortly after we checked her Twitter feed, DeJesus actually spoke to Us Weekly about this development.

19. This is What She Said:

This is What She Said:
"I'm happy for them. I wish them nothing but the best. I don’t wish it was my baby. … All he wanted was a family and he got it. So good for him. Like I said, I'm sending my best wishes and have no hard feelings."

20. Why Would She Care at This Point?

Why Would She Care at This Point?
It was just days ago that we helped spread the rumor about Marroquin still wanting to bang Briana. It's unclear just how over these two truly are.

21. We May Have Missed Lauren's Original Announcement

We May Have Missed Lauren's Original Announcement
Comeau shared this photo on May 22, 2018. Take note of the one visible comment.

22. Kids on the Mind

Kids on the Mind
There was also this photo on May 9 and the affiliated caption: "missing my girls unmeasurable amounts today (and every other day too)... #mysunshine #charliebird #sweetestsyd #auntiesgirls."

23. So... Congrats, Javi?

So... Congrats, Javi?
Yes, we feel comfortable saying that. No matter what you think of this reality star, he very clearly loves four-year old son Lincoln.

24. An Adorable Relationship

An Adorable Relationship
Javi posts photos of he and his toddler all the time on Instagram, frequently referring to Lincoln as "my guy."

25. Pretty Darn Precious, Right?

Pretty Darn Precious, Right?
Just look at this photo. "Lately I’ve been in my feelings a little bit, wishing time could slow down. I’ve realized instead of slowing down, just cherish every minute and every moment," Marroquin wrote as caption. "One thing that will never change is the amount of love that surrounds us and no matter what life brings us, our family and friends will be there."

26. So.. Will It Be a Boy or Girl?

So.. Will It Be a Boy or Girl?
"We are gonna find out the gender and have a gender reveal planned with Linc," Marroquin teased to Us Weekly. How exciting!

27. Best of Luck to Javi and Lauren

Best of Luck to Javi and Lauren
Again, say what you want about how these two arrived at this point. But they have a baby on the way. Now is not the time to be bitter or snarky. It's just the time to send best wishes for a happy and healthy child.

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