Kailyn Lowry: Chris Lopez Has a Secret Kid!

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Just when we thought the feud between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez couldn't get any more intense, Kail goes and drags her baby daddy in front of all the world on Twitter.

We already knew that Lowry believes Lopez is a deadbeat dad, but now it looks as though she has even more reason to dislike her ex.

Kail leveled a surprising accusation against Chris yesterday, and shockingly, he didn't deny it.

Fortunately for us, the whole thing played out publicly...

1. Reason to Be Angry

Kail already had plenty of reason to be upset with Lopez. Sources say he's complely dropped the ball in terms of his parenting duties.

2. An "Instagram Parent"?

An "Instagram Parent"?
Kail has accused Chris of being an "Instagram parent" and using his son as a prop on social media. Chris has reportedly spent very little time with baby Lux, but when he does pay a visit, he makes sure to document the occasion for his followers.

3. A History of Tension

A History of Tension
Relations between Kailyn and Chris were tense even before little Lux entered the world. Lopez reportedly broke up with Lowry abruptly after learning that she was carrying his child.

4. Signs of Hope?

Signs of Hope?
After Kailyn gave birth, it briefly looked as though Chris would step up to the plate. He was present in the delivery room and seemed committed to being present in Lux's life. Sadly, his commitment was short-lived...

5. Itchy Twitter Fingers

Itchy Twitter Fingers
These days, Kail is making no secret of her contempt for Lopez. She recently took to social media to inform her millions of followers that Chris is even shadier than she initially thought.

6. One Shady Baby Daddy

One Shady Baby Daddy
Lopez's past has always been something of a mystery, and now, it seems Kail has unearthed a major detail about his life that he somehow kept hidden. Yes, it appears Kail is not Chris' first baby mama...

7. A Crytpic Tweet

A Crytpic Tweet
"Knew there was more than one," Kail tweeted yesterday. Many fans speculated that she was implying Chris has more than one kid. Kail didn't answer their questions directly, but she later tweeted, "kids lol."

8. Interesting Timing

Interesting Timing
And how do we know she's talking about Chris? Well, the tweets came on the heels of a war of words between the two exes that was thoroughly enjoyed by Kail's massive Twitter following.

9. Staring Contest

Staring Contest
It all started when Chris tweeted, "I’ll look dead at you and laugh lol." Kail promptly replied, "You couldn’t look me in the eye if you tried."

10. Struck Silent

Struck Silent
Chris didn't have much to say in response. He replied with a simple "lol," later adding, "Ain’t nothin lol."

11. Throwing Shade Like a Tree

Throwing Shade Like a Tree
Kailyn didn't go into greater detail regarding the accusation that Chris has more than one kid, but she did continue to talk a fair amount of trash, and fans leapt to the conclusion that it's all directed at Lopez.

12. Minimal Folks

Minimal Folks
"Some people are ok with bare minimums and I need to be ok with that," Lowry tweeted shortly after her exchange with Lopez. Fans speculated that it's her way of saying Chris only meets the minimum expectations of a father.

13. Kailyn Is Not Happy

Kailyn Is Not Happy
"I don’t get why people think you owe them something after they did you wrong," Kail later added. Again, she didn't mention Chris by name, but it's pretty clear who she was upset with at the time of the tweet.

14. Not Done Yet...

Kail later added that she is "doing things I said I wouldn’t. But didn’t YOU say? Didn’t you do...? Nvm..." Some fans think she was referring to Javi Marroquin, but the majority seem to believe her comments were directed at Chris.

15. Baby Daddy Drama

Baby Daddy Drama
To be fair, if recent tabloid reports are accurate, Kail certainly has reason to be pissed off at Javi as well.

16. A Surprise Reconciliation

A Surprise Reconciliation
Kailyn and Javi were reportedly on the verge of a reconcilation when he "blindsided" (his word) Lowry by getting back together with Lauren Comeau. Sources say Javi was sending intimate texts to Kail while on vacation with Lauren.

17. A Low Blow

A Low Blow
We're sure Kail was deeply hurt by Javi's betrayal, but we're equally sure that she considers Chris' behavior even more unforgivable.

18. A Mom First

A Mom First
Despite her many career commitments, Kail's kids are always her top priority. And despite her many issues with Javi, he's remained (for the most part) a devoted dad. The same can't be said of Chris.

19. Lowry vs. Lopez

Lowry vs. Lopez
It doesn't look as though Chris and Kailyn will be able to settle their differences any time soon. In fact, it doesn't even look like they want to ...

20. Once a Deadbeat, Always a Deadbeat

Once a Deadbeat, Always a Deadbeat
Kail seems to have come to terms with the fact that Chris will never change his ways. It's a sad situation, but on the bright side, we're sure not a day goes by where she isn't overwhelmed with gratitude that she decided to have a baby with Lopez.

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