Kailyn Lowry-Briana DeJesus FIGHT Caught on Camera!

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At this point, the feud between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus is certainly nothing new.

But give credit to both the combatants for engaging in one consistently entertaining beef.

Recently, the whole dysfunctional Teen Mom 2 family descended on New York City for the show's annual reunion special.

And as usual, the drama was not in short supply.

Today, MTV gave fans a first glimpse at the showdown between Kail, Bri, and Javi Marroquin.

And as you may have guessed, it's a doozy ...

1. Kailyn vs. Javi

Kailyn vs. Javi
Things got real in a major way at the taping of this year's Teen Mom 2 reunion show. A preview clip shows Kailyn receiving an unexpected dressing room visit from Javi and Briana.

2. Briana Drama

Briana Drama
Bri is probably the last person Kail wants knocking on her door, but the newest TM2 castmember is not one to back down from a conflict. As a wise man once said, "Don't mess with DeJesus!"

3. Kailyn's Not Having It

Kailyn's Not Having It
Understandably, Kail wanted nothing to do with Bri and Javi's intrusion. And she CERTAINLY doesn't want the situation to play out on camera.

4. So WTF Happened?

So WTF Happened?
And what exactly caused Bri and Kail to lock horns behind-the-scenes? Well, there were several factors, of course, but from what we can glean from the newly-released preview clip, an old conflict came to a head in a big way.

5. Short Relationship, Longterm Fallout

Short Relationship, Longterm Fallout
Briana and Javi are no longer dating, but clearly, their relationship is still something of a sore subject. And understandably so ...

6. The Beginning

The Beginning
Kail and Bri were never exactly friends, but Lowry was one of DeJesus' earliest defenders when it was first announced that she would be joining the cast of TM2.

7. Setting the Stage

Setting the Stage
Teen Mom 2, of course, is different from other reality shows in that the stars live in different parts of the country and rarely interact. As a result, the reunion show is often the highlight of the season.

8. They Know What They're Doing

They Know What They're Doing
It's for that reason that the show's producers have become masters of stoking the flames of conflict during the reunion tapings. Dr. Drew might act like he's offering counsel, but really dude is stirring the pot.

9. Salty Kail

Salty Kail
A previous clip showed Bri arguing that Kailyn is "salty" because "Javi moved on." Kail shot back, "I don't give a sh-t if he moves on."

10. Javi In the Middle

Javi In the Middle
So it seems like Javi was directly at the center of the conflict. And it's a bit strange, as neither Kailyn nor Briana is romantically involved with him these days.

11. Semi-Interesting Fact:

Semi-Interesting Fact:
So far, both of the clashes we've seen between Bri and Kail have taken place backstage. So maybe they DON'T need Dr. Drew to remind them they hate each other!

12. This Time...

This Time...
It seems that Kail left the stage, and Javi and Briana followed her to her dressing room to continuing hashing out their conflict. Lowry likened the situation to the trashiest show in the history of daytime TV.

13. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
“I’m not doing this on-camera. It’s so Jerry Springer,” Kail says to Javi. He claps back by accusing HER of Springer-izing the situation, insisting, “You did Jerry Springer!”

14. Backing Down?

Backing Down?
Kail's never been one to shy away from conflict, so why would she leave the stage abruptly? Well, it sounds like she may have had a good reason.

15. "Shut Up, You're Annoying!"

"Shut Up, You're Annoying!"
According to Kail, Bri wouldn't let her speak and just kept repeating the phrase, "Shut up, you're annoying." We suppose that would get old real fast.

16. The Rebuttal

The Rebuttal
"Because you are!" DeJesus shot back. Maybe not the most inventive comeback, but now that the dust has settled, we think even Kail would have to admit it's a pretty funny response.

17. Not On Camera

Not On Camera
Javi is torn between keeping the peace and trying to get Kail to come out of her dressing room for some on-camera drama. Lowry, of course, doesn't take the bait.

18. Delayed Drama

Delayed Drama
Instead, she assures her ex that they settle their differences back at the hotel after taping his done for the day. The girl's been doing reality TV far too long to get lured into a situation she wants no part of.

19. Have a Nice Day!

Have a Nice Day!
And with that, Kail shuts the whole situation down by telling Bri to "have a nice day." Do we detect a hint of sarcasm?! Looks like we're in for one hell of a reunion special!

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