Jenelle Evans Feuds with Jeremy Calvert Over Guns: Don't Come at Me, Bro!

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Jenelle Evans ... where do we even start?

It's obvious that the girl isn't doing so well right now, for whatever reason.

After all, people who are well do not follow strangers to their homes and then threaten them with guns.

There's a whole, whole lot going on with her right now, and we've been talking about it for a while.

But now Jeremy Calvert has thrown his two cents in about what happened and what should be done about it.

And, wouldn't you know it, Jenelle is PISSED.

1. Here We Go ...

Here We Go ...
So, as you've probably heard, Jenelle is in a little bit of hot water right now.

2. Road Rage

Road Rage
There was an incident last week, and while right now it's a he said, she said situation, the gist of it is that Jenelle got some serious road rage and followed a guy back to his house to confront him.

3. Oh, Honey

Oh, Honey
According to the transcript from her 911 call, a man was driving erratically and hit his brakes right in front of her, and when she hit hers to avoid crashing into him, it nearly gave Jace whiplash. Poor Jenelle, right?

4. Why?

But according to the man and a few other witnesses, she was the one acting a fool on the road, and when this guy passed her, she lost it. She followed him home, hit some cars and some mailboxes on his property, then got out of the car with a gun in her hand. She left before police arrived.

5. Not a Great Look

Not a Great Look
So this is bad. This is really, really bad.

6. Consequences

Could Jenelle get charged with something? It seems like she definitely broke a few laws here, right? Even if she doesn't face some legal consequences for this, it seems clear that something is going on with her -- could she be headed for a classic Jenelle breakdown? At the very least, could she be fired from Teen Mom 2 for this?

7. Bye, Jenelle

Bye, Jenelle
After all, MTV finally seems to be cracking down on bad behavior from the Teen Mom cast. Farrah Abraham isn't on Teen Mom OG anymore, and Jenelle's own husband, David Eason, was fired for his homophobic Twitter rant. With gun control being such a hot-button issue right now, this could be enough to get rid of Jenelle, too.

8. Let's Be Real

Let's Be Real
Rumor has it that MTV executives have been trying to decide her fate all week, and if she actually does get in some real trouble for all of this, it's hard to imagine how they'd justify keeping her on the show.

9. Lots to Consider

But then again, Jenelle's managed to keep her job after multiple arrests, nearly overdosing on heroin during a season finale, multiple visits by child protective services ... so is there really anything she could do at this point that would cost her her job? Will this mess really do the trick?

10. Enter Jeremy

Enter Jeremy
According to Jeremy Calvert, it definitely should.

11. Taking Action

Taking Action
Teen Mom executive producer Morgan J. Freeman often uses social media to talk about his political views, and a big thing recently, of course, has been the topic of gun control laws. Jeremy disagrees with him on the topic, so he thought this was a great time to bring up the issue.

12. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
Jeremy obviously loves guns, and apparently Freeman has recently asked him for a background check, probably based on the nightmare that's been going on with the Easons. His tweet here definitely reads like an issue with Freeman -- he likely didn't have any issue with Jenelle at all.

13. What a Shame

What a Shame
But it looks like Jenelle missed the memo, because this morning she went off on Jeremy in a series of heated tweets.

14. So Funny

So Funny
She started off by suggesting that Jeremy doesn't want a background check done by MTV because he has he guns illegally. Isn't it so hilarious that she's trying to take the moral high ground here?

15. Fun Fact

Fun Fact
By the way though, back in 2012 Jenelle was allegedly involuntarily committed because of her heroin addiction. If that's true -- and it really looks like it is -- then she shouldn't have been able to pass a background check. But that's none of our business.

16. Come On, Bro

Come On, Bro
Jenelle also taunts Jeremy about his new girlfriend's recent DUI, which is ... not at all relevant? It's also very hypocritical, because Jenelle was with Nathan Griffith when he got several of his DUIs, and she had a kid with him. Also she doesn't even have custody of one of her children. Also David's son had a restraining order against him until very recently. Also why won't she stop talking about Leah and her kids?

17. Messed Up

Messed Up
For what it's worth, Jeremy's new girlfriend did admit that she got the DUI, but then made a pretty good point about Jenelle and her inability to realize when she should shut her mouth.

18. COME AT ME?!

No, pretty sure you need to log off too, Jenelle.

19. Troll

Jenelle and David were the ones mocking an eight-year-old last month, but Chelsea's dad "gets online to stalk and bully young girls" by making a few jokes about 26-year-old mother of three Jenelle Evans? OK.

20. The Logic ...

The Logic ...
Come on, everybody, she only had ONE kid in her car when she chased a complete stranger down a dirt road, pulled into his yard, hit his car and his mailbox before jumping out and pulling a gun on him. ONE kid. Relax.

21. Uh Oh

Jenelle talked all that talk, but then Jeremy hopped back on Twitter. And he went off REAL quick.

22. "Hahaha"

So here's Jeremy starting in on Jenelle. He's no peach -- he's actually pretty awful himself -- but he does make a few decent points here. Mostly the thing about Jenelle and David being "dumb f-cks."

23. Don't Hold Back, Jeremy

Don't Hold Back, Jeremy
Here he's bringing up David's ridiculous claim that the guy Jenelle followed had been trying to kidnap her. This is actually a perfect tweet, so no real commentary needed.

24. Thanks, MTV

Thanks, MTV
It hurts to agree with Jeremy this much, because again, he's awful, but he's right -- he's one of the few cast members who has a job outside of the show. And come on, you know it's going to be interesting/terrifying when Teen Mom 2 ends or Jenelle is fired.

25. ... Yikes

... Yikes
OK, here's where he gets annoying, because we've heard this "I do what I want, I say what I want" song and dance many, many times from him. But he had a solid run there for a while.

26. Getting Ugly

We look forward to more deranged tweets from Jenelle or possibly an Eason famliy road trip to West Virginia in 3, 2 ...

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