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Now that Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus are broken up, you might think that the feud between Briana and Kailyn Lowry would come to a close. 

But this beef started before Briana hooked up with Javi, and now it looks like it’ll continue now that the relationship is through.

Kailyn and Briana

Briana slammed Javi and Kailyn in an epic social media tirade last week.

It seems her tantrum was spurred by Javi’s appearance on Kailyn’s podcast, so it’s appropriate that Kail is reportedly planning on firing back on the next episode of Coffee Convos.

“Briana’s twitter meltdown was 100 percent directed at Kail,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

“Javi is expected to come back on the podcast in the next couple of weeks, as well as Leah [Messer] and [Teen Mom 3 star] McKenzie [McKee]," the insider adds.

"They could not believe what was coming out of Briana’s mouth and are definitely going to defend Kail!”

It Does Sound Like a Possibility

Yes, it seems Briana messed with the bull and will soon receive the horns.

She may have deleted the tweets in which she instructed Kailyn to "suck my d-ck," but it seems the damage had already been done.

Kailyn has been on Teen Mom 2 much longer than Briana, and it seems the stars from the entire franchise our choosing her side.

Sure, Briana might have Jenelle Evans in her corner, due mainly to the fact that Jenelle and Kailyn have been feuding for years, but is that really an advantage?

Look if you’re in a rough spot, and having Jenelle on your side is your biggest consolation, you may want to consider giving up

We’re just saying.

Briana & Javi

Apparently, what outraged Kailyn the most was the fact that Briana called her out for reaching out privately in hopes of keeping their feud off social media.

“Do not ever call my phone at 7am talking about we need to leave social media alone when it comes to our issues, yet you are the first one to use my name to gain listeners," DeJesus tweeted.

"I’ll say suck my d-ck whenever I want to and to whoever I want.”

She may regret that remark, as Lowry is reportedly prepared to go nuclear:

“Briana started this battle and she is going to get what’s coming to her," says the source.

"Kail’s fans are very upset over this and so is her friends. No one is going to let Briana get away with what she said,”

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the rocky road that led Kail and Bri to this point.