Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer Send Pulses Racing on Tropical Vacation!

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We've been here before with Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer.

Back in May 2019, the Teen Mom veterans took a vacation together in Costa Rica... posed together in some scantily-clad attire... and caused a whole stir.

Observers thought the pair were maybe a romantic item.

Granted, this was a major leap in logic for two pals who pretty much were just hanging out on the beach and/or in a pool while rocking two-piece bathing suits, but that's the Internet for you, ya know?

It didn't help that the two also vacationed together in Hawaii a year prior.

Just this week, meanwhile, Kailyn and Leah were at it again.

Along with her four sons, Lowry took off foor Punta Cana several days ago -- and she was met down there by none other than Messer!

This time around, however, the friends didn't give social media users very much to speculate over.

Scroll down for a look at some of the most memorable photos they snapped during their trip, but be warned, fellas: Not much skin is shown here by the ladies.

1. In Punta Cana!

In Punta Cana!
Not a bad spot for a vacation, huh? Kailyn and her four kids are soaking up some sun while down south.

2. Creed on Vacation

Creed on Vacation
Young little Creed just needed a break, you know? The toddler works hard, guys.

3. Getting Her Hair Done

Getting Her Hair Done
Nothing like a makeover from a friend, right? A barely-pictured Leah Messer does some work here on good pal Kailyn.

4. Their First Meeting!

Their First Meeting!
Leah got to cradle little Creed on the vacation. She said it didn't take long for her to become "obsessed" with the child.

5. Is That SpongeBob?!?

Is That SpongeBob?!?
Didn't expect to see this in the backyard of Kailyn's rental in the Dominican Republican. SpongeBob really is global, huh?

6. Thanks, Nickelodeon!

Thanks, Nickelodeon!
Lowry posed with her four sons in front of Nickelodeon Hotels and Resorts Punta Cana. This explains the SpongeBob sighting, we suppose.

7. Lux and Leah

Lux and Leah
And... they're ... OFF! We can't say for sure just who won this race between Lux and Leah. Probably the former.

8. The View Wasn't Shabby

The View Wasn't Shabby
Things could be worse, huh? Leah didn't need to say anything more than the name of her location for this caption.

9. Time to Monkey Around

Time to Monkey Around
We mean this literally! Just look at the fun Isaac is having on the trip!

10. L is for Lincoln

L is for Lincoln
Kailyn's oldest flashes his own personal sign in this solo snapshot. Dad Javi should be proud!

11. Wakanda Forever!

Wakanda Forever!
Lux has clearly been taught well. He pays tribute here to the Black Panther.

12. Here's to the Two of Us!

Here's to the Two of Us!
Playing with kids is fun. But the Teen Mom stars needed to take a little drink break at one point.

13. Kiss for Creed

Kiss for Creed
Awww, what a cutie! Kailyn supported her youngest while out for a swim.

14. Here I Am, MTV!

Here I Am, MTV!
Kailyn tagged her employer while in the pool, letting the network know that she made it there in one piece.

15. You Can Do It, Son!

You Can Do It, Son!
One of Kailyn's four sons braces himself for impact here while getting set to take a dip.

16. All the Kids!

All the Kids!
The whole crew is here! We really are in awe of Kailyn for gathering a group of four young kids and making it there alive.

17. Preparing to Go Boating

Preparing to Go Boating
Always better to be safe than sorry, as Leah rocks a life jacket in this snapshot.

18. Dominican Decor

Dominican Decor
Messer liked the bulbs hanging down from the ceiling enough to capture them on camera. They are pretty cool, we guess.

19. New Trip, New Bikini

New Trip, New Bikini
Leah asked folks for their opinion of her bathing suit, but we have a feeling most folks were looking at the skin she was displaying instead.

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