Kailyn Lowry-Leah Messer Bikini Pics Create Controversy on Twitter!

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Usually, when we're reporting on relations between members of the Teen Mom 2 cast, it's because one of the many conflicts among the Moms has once again spiraled out of control.

So it's a nice change of pace to see fans focusing on the close friendship between Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer.

Vacay PDA

Truth be told, with the exceptions of Jenelle Evans and Briana DeJesus, the entire cast seems to get along.

But the friendship between Leah and Kail is truly something special.

These two don't just get along at the show's annual reunion tapings -- they regularly travel in order to spend time together.

Currently, they're on vacation in Costa Rica, and from the looks of the pics they've been posting, they're having one hell of a time:

Kail and Leah Close Up

So why are their social media followers digging deep in order to locate some drama in this blissful situation?

The main fabricated storyn here is the possibility that Kail and Leah are in a romantic relationship.

We've detailed the most common arguments for this in the slideshow below.

Spoiler alert: They mostly consist of some variation on "Kailyn is bisexual, and she and Leah enjoy spending time together, so yeah ... lesbians."

Kailyn & Leah: TM2 BFFs

But as lame and possibly offensive as that nonsense narrative is, it still beats the other most common response to Lowry and Messer's vacay updates.

Believe it or not, in 2019, fans and media outlets alike are engaging in serious conversations about who looks better in their swimwear, Leah or Kail.

Yes, two friends both grown women with children and six-figure (or more careers) go on vacation together, and the public feels compelled to obsess over who's in better shape.

The situation is particularly appalling as it comes on the heels of Kail being brutally body-shamed by Jenelle's husband, noted dog murderer David Eason.

Kail and Leah: Rocking Out

“I’m sorry but there is nothing stunning about being overweight,” David wrote alongside a photo of Kail on his Instagram account.

“How about promoting a healthy lifestyle instead of making it seem okay to be unhealthy?"

Kail was quick to respond, writing:

“I can change my body. He can’t change who he is.” 

So let's just all set aside the question of who looks better in a bikini and focus on the issues we can all agree on -- like the fact that David Eason might be the biggest douche bag on the planet.

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