Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin Clash Over Marriage, Trade Savage, "Desperate" Insults

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Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have not been husband and wife for a very long time.

They got divorced back in May of 2016.

But the reality star share a son named Lincoln and both appear on Teen Mom 2, so they remain very much a part of one another's lives.

Sometimes, they are on such great terms that they have post-divorce sex.

Other times, they are on such awful terms that they fight on Twitter over why they got married in the first place.

The following back-and-forth represents one of these latter times...

1. How Did the Latest Flap Begin?

How Did the Latest Flap Begin?
Innocently enough, sort of. At least as far as contentious social media feuds go. A bunch of Twitter users were simply in a debate over Javi Marroquin and 1. whether he sucks as a person or 2. whether it was meeting Kailyn Lowry and appearing on Teen Mom 2 caused him to suck more than previously.

2. Fake Celebrity. With White Socks.

Fake Celebrity. With White Socks.
This photo of Kailyn and Javi's wedding feels like forever ago, especially to fans giving him a hard time and straight up beasting on him for ruining Kail's life. This whole beef started when one particularly savage Teen Mom fan tweeted that "Without MTV, Javi wouldn't have gotten to screw any of these girls. Desperate to spread it because he's on tv," this person said of Javi's girlfriends. "Not a real celebrity either. Without the show he's just another ugly with zero style, fish lips, tiny weenie, bad tattoos, and those ugly white socks." Wow,

3. Nosedive

Someone else pointed out that Javi managed to land girls before appearing on the show (most notably Kailyn), and that "he seemed like a good stable guy years ago but his reputation nosedived really hard this year." Ya think?! Juggling three girls at the same time and knocking one of them up will do that.

4. Romantic or Shady?

Romantic or Shady?
The original tweeter added that it "creeped me out when he kept bugging her at her job to date him like he was hungry to be on tv." Die-hard Teen Mom 2 fans may recall that on MTV, the "storyline" was that Kailyn was set up with Javi by a friend. However, they later admitted that they met while Kailyn was working a side job at Express. He showed up, asked her out, she said no, he kept coming back and asking over and over until Lowry finally agreed. The rest is history ... romantic, or shady history? Kailyn actually responded to these tweets, and the way she tells it ...

5. Enter Kailyn

Lowry inserted herself into this back-and-forth as follows: "When i met javi he lied to me and told me he didn’t know who i was ... creeped his twitter and sure as shit he had tweeted me a week prior. That was after he got picked to do True life and the girl refused." So basically, he was a fame-seeking stalker?

6. Wait, Kailyn, We Have a Question for You:

Wait, Kailyn, We Have a Question for You:
"Why did you got married with him if you knew all of this," an astute user asked Kailyn after Lowry admitted she knew Javi was sort of a liar who had his sights set on fame and celebrity when they met. A fair question. Her response?

7. This is Why ...

This is Why ...
"I was young and dumb and desperate," Kailyn says. Which may sound like a self-own, but it's also clearly a shot at Marroquin, who she's saying she would never fall for these days, and only did because she was dumb and desperate in the distant past. Rough.

8. Nothing Has Changed!

Nothing Has Changed!
Lowry's response was understandably controversial, and elicited a few clap backs from critics online, such as this harsh reply, referencing her most recent baby daddy Chris Lopez: "Well you're still desperate. Nothing has changed there. You're just desperate for Chris now. I wonder how a Linc will feel one day knowing he was a product of a desperate marriage on his mother's part."

9. How Did Javi React?

How Did Javi React?
That's the real question, right? Lowry took an unprompted shot at her ex-husband in this Twitter exchange, pretty much forcing Marroquin to respond in some way, shape or form. And he did not disappoint.

10. He Took to Twitter, Naturally

He Took to Twitter, Naturally
"Stop tweeting about her," Javi wrote in a now-deleted Tweet, remaining mostly calm and adding: "Move on, please." But we know he's as bad as anyone when it comes to failing to do that.

11. Moreover!

"Like, we're grown now," Javi added in his response. "That's for the birds.” Is it, though? Javi also deleted this message after he wrote it.

12. Why Did He Write and Then Delete These Responses?

Why Did He Write and Then Delete These Responses?
Because "I'm enjoying my life as privately as I can. I don't need to be looking for validation from social media," he wrote, rather reasonably and maturely ... despite the fact that he continues to respond to the drama.

13. And It's True

And It's True
At least in part. Javi has moved on in the sense that he is now expecting a child with his new girlfriend Lauren Comeau ... and the two just moved into a new home together in Delaware. Lauren is due to give birth to a boy in December. But has he really moved on from the Teen Mom 2 circus?

14. Whatever, Critics

Whatever, Critics
That's debatable, no matter how many times he claims he's over it. Case in point, Javi later jumped on Twitter again to tell critics to essentially suck it and leave him alone and even if they don't, whatever. He's gonna ignore them anyway.

15. What He Really Thinks

What He Really Thinks
“Javi thinks it’s just sad that Kailyn has this constant need to seek attention, and he really doesn’t want to be part of her games anymore,” an insider close to Javi told Hollywood Life. “Javi is super happy with Lauren [Comeau], their relationship is really happy and stable, and they’re building a great future together.” But ...

16. Get a Life!

Get a Life!
“Javi just wants Kailyn to stop dragging him into her drama, he’s moved on, and he wishes Kailyn would do the same. Javi doesn’t wish any ill will towards Kailyn, she’s the mother of his son, but he really wants as little to do with her as possible,” says the source. Wow.

17. What is Their Current Status?

What is Their Current Status?
Since splitting, these exes have both emphasized to their fans that, yes, share a four-year-old son, and, yes, there will always be unique feelings between them. But there's no romantic future here. At least not until the next time they bone.

18. Strong Feelings. Opposite Personalities.

Strong Feelings. Opposite Personalities.
"I just think that there is a lot of history between us that neither one of us will ever let go," Javi said during a January episode of Lowry's podcast, insisting that they could never work as a couple. Ever. "Even if we were to try it again in the future, it wouldn't work because I know the type of person I am and the type of person she is. We argue. It just wouldn't happen."

19. Hey, They Agree on Something!

Hey, They Agree on Something!
"I couldn’t have said it better,” Lowry replied at the time in regard to Javi's take on their relationship. "I don’t think we could get back together." At least not until they next boning session.

20. But Not on Everything

But Not on Everything
"I wouldn't go back to Javi," Kailyn Tweeted later in 2018, once again making it clear that bitter feelings still exist. "That man f--ked me over time and time again. & I've kept all his dirty little secrets. Never defended myself when i should have." Wow ... yeah. Remember that part about taking the high road and movin' on? About to get more challenging.

21. And Then There's the Briana DeJesus of It All

And Then There's the Briana DeJesus of It All
Javi ended up sleeping with fellow Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus for a few months, keeping the romance secret from Lowry for a little bit and creating even more tension between the exes. Anyone tune in to the reunion show?

22. Heck, They Just Threw It Down!

Heck, They Just Threw It Down!
On TV, at least. Teen Mom 2 just aired the big reunion fight between Kailyn and Briana, and it they did not hold back. Kailyn made headlines afterward by suggesting that MTV set her up to get her ass kicked. She may have a point.

23. But Javi and Kailyn Have Moved on From Their Feud

But Javi and Kailyn Have Moved on From Their Feud
For now, at least. "Live life for what tomorrow has to offer not what yesterday has taken away already," Javi Tweeted on August 13, 2018. We'll see if he makes it a whole week without contradicting his own advice.

24. Can We Just Talk About Frogs Instead Please?

Can We Just Talk About Frogs Instead Please?
Because Kailyn has many thoughts on them, as you can see here. No matter how we feel about life, love and other heavy topics, we can all agree on frogs.

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