Kailyn Lowry Confesses to Javi Marroquin Hook-Up (EEEK!)

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It turns out, you actually can believe some things you read on the Internet.

Over the past couple weeks, plenty of rumors have been circulating around the Internet based on what went down at the Teen Mom 2 reunion taping in New York City last month.

Did Kailyn Lowry try to fight Briana DeJesus?

Yes, Kailin herself has admitted.

But Lowry didn't really hook up with ex-husband Javi Marroquin at some point in the past few months, as was apparently revealed on stage at this gathering...

... did she?!?

YES, Kailyn herself has also now revealed.

Read all about this stunning (and sexy!) bombshell below:

1. Quite the History

Quite the History
Javi and Kailyn were married for four years and filed for divorce in 2016. They share an adorable son named Lincoln... and quite the sordid history.

2. Who Cheated on Whom?

Who Cheated on Whom?
There has never been a fully sufficient answer to this question, as both sides have accused the other of infidelity over the years.

3. But That Was Then

Now? Marroquin recently said he and Lowry are on strong terms and have the sort of connection no one else really understands. "We’'e doing a lot better communicating.. We're doing really well," he recently told OK! Weekly.

4. Fair Enough. Good, In Fact. But How Well?!?

Fair Enough. Good, In Fact. But How Well?!?
Toward the end of May 2018, Lowry's ex-girlfriend, Dominique Potter, hinted that Kailyn had cheated on her with Javi, meaning the exes got together (sexually) at some point in the semi-recent past. Could this be true?

5. YES!!!!!

Lowry has now confirmed this unexpected escapade. She wrote this Tweet in response to the chatter that has emanated from the reunion taping.

6. And Then, Just for Emphasis...

And Then, Just for Emphasis...
... in case it wasn't clear, Kailyn linked to an Us Weekly story and said it as plainly as can be: She hooked up with Marroquin long after their divorce.

7. We're All Good Now!

We're All Good Now!
Kailyn insists that both she and Javi recognize the error in their sex-filled ways and that are back to being on normal terms. She doesn't even care that Marroquin is expecting a baby.

8. No, Really, Javi is Expecting a Baby!

No, Really, Javi is Expecting a Baby!
He only just announced that he and Lauren Comeau have a child on the way, pointing out that he told both Lincoln and Kailyn about it before telling the public.

9. Kailyn, Javi Photo

Kailyn, Javi Photo
"I knew. I wish them well." This is what Lowry said in response after the Javi baby bombshell went viral.

10. Regrets? She Has a Few

Regrets? She Has a Few
With this latest run of Teen Mom 2 episodes having been filmed months ago, Kailyn is witnessing some of her old actions and decisions on screen each week. This is clearly having an effect on her.

11. Too Much Drama

Too Much Drama
Drama has basically been Kailyn's middle name for years. But maybe now she will truly make an effort to avoid putting herself in certain situations?

12. A Renewed Focus

A Renewed Focus
"I really want to focus on growing myself and my brand and work on eliminating all toxic people and situations from my life," Kailyn adds. "So for anyone, fans & supporters included, that I’ve hurt or offended, I apologize." Pretty mature of her, huh?

13. And a Fresh Beginnning

And a Fresh Beginnning
Lowry sounds pretty sincere in these Tweets. We wish her the best with this endeavor.

14. A Life Lesson

A Life Lesson
This is something everyone can and should take note of. It's so very true, isn't it?

15. Also Very True

Also Very True
Kailyn isn't the only person who can confirm this to be. Sometimes, though, you need to find out for yourself. First hand (and other body parts).

16. What About Dominique Potter?

What About Dominique Potter?
Lowry feels terrible about what she did and the way this all played out, telling Us Weekly: "I feel bad about the way I went about the situation with Dom. She'ss so sweet but I really just didn’t know how to handle it all. I didn’t want it on TV, and I guess I really didn’t value how seriously she took us. So in turn, she feels embarrassed and betrayed. That's my fault."

17. She Also Tweeted This About Potter:

She Also Tweeted This About Potter:
"Dom & I dating — I wasn't trying to deny her or a relationship & we had fun while it lasted but things didn't work out. I've learned a lot over the years and wanted to keep things private & off the show but I don’t think I really handled it properly."

18. So... Now What?

So... Now What?
Now... who knows for Lowry. She's single. She has three kids and she's even considering a fourth child. But things are very much up in the air.

19. What About Javi?

What About Javi?
He got back together with Comeau in March 2018; Kailyn split from Potter in January 2018. So it doesn't sound as if he cheated on Lauren with Kailyn. He can at least not worry about getting into too much trouble at home now that this news is out there.

20. Yeah. But Still.

Yeah. But Still.
We can't imagine Comeau is happy to hear this, especially when Javi also has a sexual history with Briana DeJesus. We'd love to be a fly on their wall when these two watch Teen Mom 2 episodes at home.

21. But Did He Cheat on Briana with Kailyn?

But Did He Cheat on Briana with Kailyn?
Probably, right? Considering Javi basically went straight from dating DeJesus to dating Comeau. Why do we feel like Briana will have something to say about this new revelation?

22. Kailyn and Javi 4eva?

Kailyn and Javi 4eva?
Why are they fighting this? Let's be honest. There's a reason Kailyn and Javi keep finding their way back into each other's arms and beds. Do you think they should just get re-married?

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