Michael Phelps vs Shark: Twitter Responds Hilariously!

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Remember how Michael Phelps raced a shark for Shark Week?

We all saw the promotions for ages, that Michael Phelps was going to race a great white shark in a special titled: "Phelps vs Shark: Great Gold vs Great White."

Some people saw that and actually believed that they were going to drop Michael Phelps and a great white into the same body of water and somehow get them to race.

A shark in a chlorinated pool would die.

Michael Phelps wouldn't necessarily be devoured by a shark if dropped next to one in the ocean, but even if he were up for taking that risk ... how exactly would Discovery have gotten the shark to race? By asking nicely?

So when people tuned in to watch Michael Phelps be lowered to his sharky doom as if by some James Bond villain, they had all sorts of reactions to watching him race a cgi shark that matched the speed of an actual great white.

Michael Phelps lost, but only by a couple of seconds. Super impressive for any human, and it just goes to show you that Michael Phelps' body is incredibly hydrodynamic in addition to just representing the human physical ideal.

Twitter responded to Shark Week's ridiculous stunt, and their varying takes on the special are more entertaining than Shark Week itself has been in years.

1. This perfectly captures the mood

This perfectly captures the mood
Twitter was already gearing up even before the race began. ...

2. They really thought that he'd race a physical shark. Wow.

They really thought that he'd race a physical shark. Wow.
Look, she SAYS to call her crazy. We should respect her wishes, right?

3. Disappointment abounds.

Disappointment abounds.
To be fair, the digital shark's speed was based upon actual sharks. What's impressive is how close Phelps came.

4. Science is disappointing?

Science is disappointing?
It's a little worrisome that so many people apparently thought that they were going to sacrifice Michael Phelps to the deep.

5. Why do they hate Michael Phelps?

Why do they hate Michael Phelps?
Realistically, the bigger problem would be getting the shark to cooperate with the race. They're not actually as ravenous as bad movies make them look.

6. This person wanted the shark dead, huh?

This person wanted the shark dead, huh?
Putting a shark into a chlorinated swimming pool would kill the shark, and might lead to some people getting crushed or bitten while the shark died. Big yikes.

7. Sensible folks are also on Twitter

Sensible folks are also on Twitter
We'd say that this was mean, but ... even with Discovery's transparently misleading ads, people need to think.

8. Some people enjoyed it

Some people enjoyed it
It was actually interesting, since they talk about hydrodynamics and the way that sharks and humans swim. Plus, it's always nice to see Michael Phelps cut through a pool.

9. Weirdest. Phrasing. Ever.

Weirdest. Phrasing. Ever.
Yes, we get it, bu thtis is such a roundabout way of saying that Michael Phelps was racing a a cgi stand-in that matched a real shark's speed.

10. This is TOO precious!

This is TOO precious!
Okay, that mom gets a pass. She's probably joking. ... Probably.

11. It's okay to enjoy things!

It's okay to enjoy things!
Unlike Kyle Richards, this Twitter user means "beast" as a compliment. And she's right.

12. Let the memes begin!

Let the memes begin!
The internet is full of memes, and there are already plenty of sharks floating around in meme culture. Left Shark is arguably the most famous.

13. Oh, look -- ANOTHER cgi shark

Oh, look -- ANOTHER cgi shark
A still photo admittedly doesn't do justice to how creepy and terrifying THIS cgi shark is when it laughs.

14. And, finally, meme fusion

And, finally, meme fusion
The original version of this meme is Elmo, from Sesame Street, looking haggard and posing in front of a background of flames. Left Shark makes for a great stand-in.

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